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Energize walls by daring to color

Energize walls by daring to color

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Thanks to painting, the decor possibilities are almost endless! All you need is a brush and a few pots of color to create an original decor in your interior. To inspire you in all rooms of the house, here are some ideas to create with paint!

Ultra colorful doors and ceiling

Leroy Merlin To enhance your corridor, do not hesitate to see the potential of the doors! You can for example paint them in a fluorescent color to energize the entire space by contrasting play. To accentuate the decorative effect, you can also continue the strip of paint to the ceiling.

A colorful pillar

Leroy Merlin In the teenage bedroom, paint can be used to make a color reminder of the decor or introduce a second color. So, in this room, we decided to paint a pillar in blue which is also found on the color of the furniture.

A TV wall in the living room

Leroy Merlin The living room is often a room where multiple activities take place. So to refocus on the TV space, while adding a very decorative touch to the whole room, you can paint a large rectangle of bright color that will materialize the place of the screen.

A dynamic color scheme

Leroy Merlin In this colorful room, two colors share the room to create an undeniable dynamism! For example, the upper part of the wall is painted in yellow to materialize a shelf while a green strip is installed on the pillar painted in yellow.

Bold stripes

Leroy Merlin For an original atmosphere in the children's room, you can bet on stripes that you will create using paint. To enhance the room, play with two colors, opting for a bright color like pink and a more neutral color like gray to create an interesting contrast.

Graphic and colored stripes

Fly In the same way, you can create stripes on a white decor in order to bring the color into the room. And there, everything is allowed! We even dare the oblique stripes to create a dynamic color band.

Colorful architecture

Fly If your room has original architectural elements, you can choose to highlight them using color. You will thus color the arches to highlight the opening and or paint in color a recess to make it a decorative asset.

A section of colored wall

Fly To bring a playful touch to a white room, do not hesitate to paint elements of color. A small section of wall next to a window can thus be painted to bring a decorative touch to a low-valued wall.

A colorful basement

Castorama Similarly, the color can be applied to the lower part of a wall in order to create a visual underbody and to give height to all of the walls. Create a contrast between white and a strong color for an assured decorative effect!

A colorful structure

Dulux Valentine We love the combination of colors in this kitchen open to the living room. The credenza plays with the purple while the separation wall exhibits its most beautiful anise green. It sends!

A flashy living room wall

Dulux Valentine A white bookcase that covers the whole of a wall on one side, a candy pink wall on the other and to delimit the whole, a coral wall that throws some. Easy to energize a room with a few brush strokes, don't you think?

Two sides of the kitchen

Ikea To energize an all-white kitchen, why not repaint one or two sections of wall in a bright color? We love the choice of this electric blue totally in the trend!

Dark green in frieze

Dulux Valentine Do you have a brick wall in one of your rooms and you don't really know how to enhance it? Why not paint the bottom in a flashy green? It brings real added value to the decor!


Dulux Valentine We love the idea of ​​cutting out the stairs while playing with paint. Sky blue on one side, turquoise blue on the other, this is a dynamic wall with a simple trick!

A palette of colors

Maisons du Monde If you like color, go for it! Paint the beams in pastel green, the walls in purple and add furniture and colorful decor here and there. This dining room is amazing, right?

An orange room

Ikea Dare the orange! In the bedroom, it is ideal if you want to bring a Provencal style. All you have to do is set up black furniture for contrast and voila! Lovely, right?

A large flashy purple wall

Dulux Valentine Wow! The purple wall of this dining room really gives a boost to the rather classic decor. The plus: the color reminder on the edges of the kitchen opening.

A lively dining room

Maisons du Monde Do you like the 70s? You will be served with this dining room with a pop atmosphere. Bright red walls, sun yellow decorative objects, a trendy retro decor.

Electric walls

Maisons du Monde Fancy a change of scenery in the living room? Take a leap to the East with this warm decoration where electric blue dominates both on the walls and on decorative objects.