Marble in all its forms with Nordstjerne

Marble in all its forms with Nordstjerne

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Founded by Henriette Bach, Nordstjerne has established itself as a pioneer in marble in our interiors since 2012. By offering Nordic decorative items that are both simple and elegant, the Danish brand has succeeded in inviting marble into our homes. Durable, solid, cold, this noble material is a beautiful metaphor for Scandinavian landscapes, harsh and poetic at the same time. Focus on this chic material with the Nordstjerne collection, which puts marble in all its forms!

A graphic entrance with marble coat hooks

Nordjsterne We love these coat hooks that appear in graphic dots on a wall, in the entrance or in the bedroom. White, green or black and white marble multiply to create a very elegant arty atmosphere. * Marble coat hook: from € 13 *

Black marble

Nordjsterne Black marble, mysterious, elegant and masculine, can be used as an accessory to dress up the office like the bathroom. The collection of boxes with marbled lids offered by Nordstjerne plays on clean and sharp lines: a rigor that structures the decor with a lot of class. * Rectangular dish: € 65 Box: from € 29 *

Wood and green marble: a subtle contrast

Nordjsterne Here are boxes that focus on everything: green marble and wood with delicate grain. A successful mix between the austerity of marble and the warmth of living wood. They are preferably installed in the entrance, in storage compartments, just to set the tone. * Natural wood and green marble box: from € 30 *

Marble for women

Nordjsterne These delicate boxes made of pink marble will become pretty hiding places for our jewelry. They are placed on a dresser for a "precious boudoir" side. * Large marble storage box: € 42 *

Wood and white: a winning duo

Nordjsterne For a Scandinavian decor without false note and warm, we opt for these storage boxes that mix white marble with natural wood. Simple and functional, everything is in the finish. * Storage box: € 35 (S), € 48 (M) *

Marble in the kitchen

Nordjsterne In the kitchen, we choose marble for its solidity. Cutting board, mortar, pestle and rolling pin will pass all the tests of time. The utensils then become decorative accessories without forgetting their primary function. * Roll: € 46, Mortar: € 73, cutting board (M): € 59 *

Soft marble

Nordjsterne This time we play the contrast between the brutality of the marble and the softness of the curves with these round boxes. In green, black or white marble, they become a nice detail in the decoration. * Round boxes, different sizes: from 65 € *

Less is more

Nordjsterne Between art and decoration, these pretty candle holders with a refined form carry within them a rare elegance. The simplicity of the design, the nobility of the material: it did not take less for Nordstjerne to decline this model with flying colors. Difficult to choose our favorite, we would like them all! * Marble candle holder: from 19 € to 39 € *

A hotel bathroom

Nordstjerne With this marble soap dispenser, Nordstjerne invites us to dress our bathroom in very chic detail. We love the alliance of marble and brass which imposes a vision of luxury without ostentation. * Soap dispenser: from € 65 *