Pretty wallpaper at a low price

Pretty wallpaper at a low price

When it comes to interior design, pretty wallpaper can make all the difference. Baroque, classic or vintage, it adorns the walls and gives any room its character. Only here, sometimes, it is a little too expensive. The editor of you has selected these 10 beautiful wallpapers at low prices. All you have to do is choose!

Daring turquoise

Graham & Brown Wallpaper allows you to add a touch of originality to your interior. Like here with this baroque and colorful wallpaper. * Olympus Turquoise wallpaper, ** € 20 ** per roll at ** Graham & Brown *

Head in the clouds

A.S. Création For a good night's sleep, opt for a wallpaper printed with pretty cumulus clouds. Nothing like making sweet dreams come true. * Cloud wallpaper A.S. Création, ** € 17.95 ** per roll at Bricoflor *

An industrial look

A.S. Creation Fan of industrial decoration? By opting for this brick printed wallpaper, you cannot go wrong. * A.S. Création brick wallpaper, ** € 14.95 ** per roll at Bricoflor *

Scandi and pastel

Graham & Brown For a pastel interior, this pretty wallpaper dotted with colored dots is ideal. * Atylia twilight wallpaper, ** € 15.99 ** at La Redoute *

Optical illusion

Graham & Brown Who has never dreamed of having more storage at home? At least have the illusion with this drawer wallpaper from Atylia. * Drawer wallpaper Atylia, ** € 13.99 ** at La Redoute *

For a retro dining room

Graham & Brown / La Redoute Completely change the style of your dining room by decorating your walls with this beautiful vintage wallpaper. * Hélice Graham & Brown design wallpaper ** € 19.99 ** at ** La Redoute *

Don't get lost anymore

Graham & Brown In addition to making you revise your geography, this wallpaper will add a vintage touch to your interior and customize a wall with ease. * Atylia planisphere design wallpaper, ** € 14.99 ** at La Redoute *

In relief

Graham & Brown This relief wallpaper will add a touch of character to any room. For even more originality, do not hesitate to paint it with the color of your choice. * Small square wallpaper, ** € 14 ** per roll at Graham & Brown *

Baroque chic

Graham & Brown Transform your living room with this beautiful wallpaper with baroque prints for a guaranteed material effect. * Majestic Atylia Design Wallpaper, ** € 18.99 ** at La Redoute *