The new Perene bathroom collection for 2016

The new Perene bathroom collection for 2016

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If Perene kitchens offer real designer interior fittings, the bathroom is not to be outdone. Designed as a real living room, the bathroom offers this new collection a neat aesthetic while playing the card of practicality every day. Discover in pictures how Perene gives the bathroom a new dimension.

Geometry and matter

Perene Emphasis is placed on materials for a natural and mineral atmosphere which accentuates the refined forms. The basin offers geometric lines with a teak finish with carbon-colored contours. Chic and timeless.

A couture-style bathroom

Perene In a superb game of black and white, this bathroom is elegant and graphic with two spaces that face each other, with the sink on one side and the freestanding bathtub on the other. The whole is highlighted with refinement by a tiled path which leads to the shower.

A graphic washstand

Perene To complement the graphic spirit of the tiled path, the countertop plays with clean lines. The white washbasin is thus installed on a part of the low black suspended cabinet. And the shelves and mirrors energize the whole with elegance.

A natural bathroom

Perene In this realization, the accent was put on the luminosity thanks to a mostly white composition, enhanced by touches of light wood which brings the soothing atmosphere ideal for a room dedicated to relaxation. A bathroom perfectly designed for the simultaneous use by two people.

Clever storage

Perene Because the apparent simplicity of this bathroom is based on great technicality, the storage spaces are very practical, hidden in the drawers. The vanity top contains, for example, a very large drawer with organized storage for the various accessories which allow to keep the refined style of the room.

A designer bathroom

Perene The key word in this bathroom? Functionality without denying the ultra design style of the brand. Originality is thus ensured by the exclusive facades to which the faceted handles respond. Brilliance of materials and purity of lines set the scene.

Optimized furniture

Perene To respond to the constraint of a small space and by thinking of the layout for the use by two people at the same time, Perene reinvents bathroom furniture by offering for example this standing-dressing table, ideal for saving space. space while maintaining a certain comfort.

An architectural bathroom

Perene To offer an intimate bathroom in a large volume, Perene has completely redesigned the space by providing a constructed arrangement that delimits and isolates the spaces. The result is graphic and contemporary while providing a comfortable atmosphere.

A cocoon bathtub

Perene To offer a real moment of relaxation, the bathtub is thus surrounded in the graphic construction. The ceiling is lowered for an intimate atmosphere that provides soft lighting and the borders are perfectly delimited with elegance thanks to exceptional materials. Discover Perene bathrooms on