Surface, the new Graham & Brown wallpaper collection

Surface, the new Graham & Brown wallpaper collection

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Alternately smooth, delicate or satin as more uneven and rough, the 36 new wallpapers from the Surface collection, imagined by Graham & Brown, give pride of place to superb textured finishes. As sophisticated as it is elegant, Surface is available in a splendid palette of colors, from white to black, passing through a coppery burgundy or an enchanting midnight blue. Sometimes embellished with subtle metallic effects, the eight Surface ranges - Cashmere, Chenille, Devoured, Mineral, Opal, Moonstone, Glitter and Burlap - will provide a luxurious finish to your walls. And at 24 euros per roll, why deprive yourself of it?

Chenille beige and gold wallpaper

Graham & Brown With Chenille wallpaper, Graham & Brown goes to the essentials by letting minimalism speak. Available in very delicate shades, Chenille brings an elegant finish, imprint of softness to your walls.

Devoured silver wallpaper

Graham & Brown Skillfully fashioned with small metallic lines, Devour sublimates a room by illuminating it with delicacy and refinement.

Burgundy Devoured Wallpaper

Graham & Brown Also offered in bordeaux with a copper touch, Devour will delight living rooms decorated in a vintage spirit, like bohemian or retro.

Night blue mineral wallpaper

Graham & Brown As consisting of a multitude of panels of different sizes, Minéral is the touch of contemporary relief that was missing from your wall decor.

Textured white opal wallpaper

Graham & Brown Offering an airy and refined texture to your walls has never been easier with Opale wallpaper.

White and gold damask opal wallpaper

Graham & Brown As its name suggests, Damask Opal is a wallpaper with sophisticated opulence, beautifully dressed in damask patterns, also called "Damascus patterns".

Gray moonstone wallpaper

Graham & Brown The subtle patterns of the Moonstone wallpaper reveal their specificities once you get close enough to them. An amazing decorative hide and seek game.

Glitter taupe wallpaper

Graham & Brown Inspired by nature in general and waves in particular, Glitter is a wallpaper made up of a crowd of small, slender and bewitching curves.

Midnight blue burlap wallpaper

Graham & Brown A tribute to its sweet name, this wallpaper perfectly imitates the particular braiding of the burlap. What bring a nice sophistication to your wall decor.