20 DIY to tidy up your desk

20 DIY to tidy up your desk

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Between the stacking files, the post-it notes scattered around the office, the tangled outlets, the pens and other supplies piled up in the drawers, keeping a desk clean and organized is not always obvious thing. However, there are DIY layout solutions and tips that can help you make your workspace a comfortable, organized and inspirational place. Discovery!

A copper basket


Covered in copper paint, this basket without personality has been transformed into a designer storage accessory for the office. Right on trend! More info on this DIY: Burkatron

Tin cans for supplies


A clever DIY to store all his office supplies, do you like it? Step 1: Spray your used cans with paint. Step 2: screw them to a previously sanded wooden board. For more practicality, finally fix a woolen cloth on top of the wooden board. Mini budget, maximum effect! More info on this DIY: Tubikomp

A mesh magazine rack


Simple and beautiful! To store your colorful office supplies, books, notepads and magazines, make this designer magazine rack made entirely with mesh. Who said storage doesn't mean decoration? More info on this DIY: BricoBistro

A pencil holder in Hama pearl


You thought the Hama pearls reserved for toddlers, think again! They will be of great use to you if you decide to make one of these two playful and colorful pencil pots. Geek version or fox motif, the choice is yours. More info on this DIY: Cultura

A designer storage box

Mette Jakobsen

New look for these storage boxes which were painted in neon pink and then assembled together. The result is stunning ! More info on this DIY: We are scout

An eco-friendly reminder

The Merrythought

If like me you tend to accumulate on your desk, small notes and other post-it notes, here is an idea that you may like. Mainly made using a wooden board and a paper roll, this magnetic sticky note will easily find its place on a corner of your wall or on your desk. More info on this DIY: The Merrythought

A compartmentalized drawer

Modish and main

Ah, the happiness of office drawers ... always in the bazaar, often dirty, in short, not practical at all! Forget all that with this very simple DIY. The idea: install small, coordinated boxes of different sizes in each of its drawers. A place for everything and everything in its place. More info on this DIY: Modish and main

A desk organizer board

Lili in wonderland

Ok, ok, this DIY requires some notions of DIY and a little time in front of you, but it is so pretty and practical that we did not resist the temptation to present it to you. So if, like us, you fell in love with it, we urge you to take a look at Lili in wonderland's blog. And above all, do not be discouraged, the tutorial explains each step step by step! More info on this DIY: Lili in wonderland

A knitted vase

Ferm Living

Want to bring softness and originality to your workspace? Why not just start making these pretty knitted vases. Cocooning atmosphere guaranteed! More info on this DIY: Home shopping spy

Golden cups

Homey oh my

Another nice idea to remember, these small golden cups customized with golden paint. Simple and clever, we love it! More info on this DIY: Homey oh my

Cereal boxes as a transfer box

Karine Thiboult - I love DIY

With simple cereal boxes, a few scraps of paper and a little patience, you will quickly be able to make these pretty transfer boxes. More info on these DIY: Karine Thiboult - I love DIY

A custom storage box

Madam lemon

We already liked it a lot in its original blond wood version, we like it as much if not even more in this graphic version, chevron pattern. To your brushes! More info on this DIY: Madame citron

A storage star

Delineate your dwelling

With a little time, a lot of imagination and by choosing a suitable material, it is possible to make many decorative objects, as pretty as practical. The proof in pictures with this star-shaped wall storage designed using a cork plate. More info on this DIY: Delineate your dwelling

A recuperated desk organizer

Amy krist

Two hangers, two plastic boxes and a can of golden paint ... this is the material you will need if you decide to make this desk organizer. More info on this DIY: Amy krist

Jars for supplies

The cubicle chick

The simplest ideas are often the best, it is well known. We prove it to you in pictures with these jars simply stacked on top of each other. More info on this DIY: The cubicle chick

Hanging jars


Hanging jars is a great idea to save space and optimize the space on your desk. First step, we nail the lid of our jar under a shelf, then we place our supplies in the jar. All that remains is to screw it to the attached cover… and that's the job! More info on this DIY: Directobras

A storage box for cables

DIY Lifehackers

Say goodbye to tangled cables with this shoebox transformed into smart storage. Form circular holes on the side of your box and stick labels to differentiate each cable. Finally, install an extension inside your box ... and here is a home storage as practical as decoration! Now you just have to charge the phone, computer and other electrical equipment for the office. More info on this DIY: DIY Lifehackers

Wall storage

With its 10 little fingers

For your letters and other letters, you can also bet on this wall storage. Gray cardboard, thick, patterned paper, metal pliers, a pair of scissors and glue ... you're ready to start this DIY. More info on this DIY: With its 10 small fingers

A storage triangle


A cardboard storage triangle? Here is an original recycling idea that will delight lovers of green decor! To achieve it, nothing very complicated. Start by cutting a large triangle and six smaller ones from a piece of cardboard. Then paint the scale models, fold them in half and fix them on your large triangle. Pass a wire at the top, at the two ends of your creation ... and that's the job! More info on this DIY: Instructables