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Natural atmosphere in the kitchen

Natural atmosphere in the kitchen

For a pleasant and convivial cuisine, nothing like a cuisine with natural accents that will allow you to refocus on healthy and balanced food. To help you create your natural-inspired kitchen, we invite you to discover 20 beautiful models in pictures.

Nature in the kitchen

Ikea To give a natural spirit to your kitchen, you can also opt for vegetation! Arrange plants on your kitchen shelves and make a natural reminder by opting for a wooden worktop.

Zen atmosphere

Alinéa In a Zen kitchen, we put on furniture combining wood for the worktop and lacquered white for the furniture. The parquet is simple and clear and the walls have a green color that recalls the natural spirit of the room.

Dark cuisine

Paragraph To evoke nature, you can also opt for darker shades that will echo the earth. We then put on soft brown furniture with a gray worktop that will recall the mineral spirit of nature.

Natural variation

Aim To evoke nature in all its complexity, we do not hesitate to mix several colors with brown for the wood that we find on the kitchen furniture but also as a decorative accessory, and concrete on the ground for the mineral spirit. The whole creates a harmonious whole.

Natural material

Aviva In this gray kitchen, the kitchen furniture puts the spotlight on natural material by presenting a raw woody effect which reveals the grain of the wood as if the cupboards had been cut directly from the tree. The effect is very aesthetic.

Nature and modern

Darty For a nature effect while opting for a design touch, we put on a kitchen with selected furniture in a natural color and it is a sleek storage wall that will bring the spirit of nature through an evocation of wood in a dark tone.

Nature through color

Purpose In this designer kitchen, we have chosen to bring nature in by betting only on the green color that we find on a wall, on accessories or on green plants in order to make us forget modern furniture.

Scandinavian spirit

Fly For a natural spirit, you can also bet on the Scandinavian style which will combine light wooden furniture with white decor elements. For the very "natural" reminder, we will bet on a large panel representing a tree.

Plants on the worktop

Aviva Finally, for a natural touch, why not bring the vegetation onto your island by installing plants in a dedicated compartment? For windows, you can opt for digital plant prints.

Raw wood furniture

Schmidt This kitchen breathes nature thanks to its furniture on which the veins of wood appear to create the decor. And to not have the impression of being in the middle of a forest, there are a few touches of contemporary gray here and there.

Green accents for a natural atmosphere

Aviva No wood in sight in this kitchen but a green paint that brings a real dose of freshness to the room. You almost feel like in the garden as soon as you pass the door.

Brown wood

Darty Cooking in a Zen atmosphere, we all dream about it! We therefore quickly get brown wooden furniture that brings a real touch of serenity to the kitchen.

Multitude of green plants

Schmidt To bring a touch of nature to the kitchen, it is not essential to choose wooden furniture and green paint on the wall. Here, the vegetal atmosphere is brought with ease by the green plants installed in number.

A floral wallpaper

Ikea Neither green nor wood in this kitchen, but a flowery wallpaper full of good humor that covers the entire walls. The white furniture gives just the right amount of light to make it feel good.

Raw materials alliance

Darty Subtle alliance of raw and traditional materials in this natural-looking kitchen. We like the simple colors of the wood and the sawing effect on the furniture, which almost creates a chalet atmosphere in the room.

Green wooden walls

Ikéa Wood on the walls, which is also painted green, the natural atmosphere is indeed there in this kitchen. In order not to overload the atmosphere too much, we choose light furniture and a wood-colored worktop.

A sweet and natural cuisine

Aviva Clean, soft and natural, this light wood kitchen has it all. To give it a modern look, we don't hesitate to choose tall furniture in a different color and a stainless steel oven and hood.

Plant atmosphere

Aviva The choice of green to give a natural style to the kitchen is also very important. We like the dark tone of it which harmonizes wonderfully with white lacquered furniture.

Aluminum and wenge

Darty We love this wenge furniture that brings a natural and exotic atmosphere to the kitchen. The modern touch is found in the association with the aluminum worktop.