10 DIY with vintage objects

10 DIY with vintage objects

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So cool ! You inherited the old granny porcelain service and its formica kitchen chairs! You were super happy at the time, but now that they are installed in your home ... it shows a little with the rest of your decor. Do not already think of relegating them to the attic, and imagine them rather a new look. With a little paint, tape and maybe even a new use, you will love them. Do you still doubt? Wait until you see the 10 DIYs made with vintage furniture and objects that I found for you on Pinterest!

Graphic formica!

Granny Boude

"Formica is great!" that was true in the 1950s. While its practicality has not aged, its wood-colored version is no longer so popular. There is no reason to throw it out! Pastel paint, scotch tape ... and after a few brushstrokes, he is back in trend again. Fastoche! Source: Mamie Boude

Make in lace

December 25th

Followers of flea markets on Sundays, you are aware that it is quite easy to find old lace. But how else can you use them? I let myself be tempted by the idea of ​​the ink pad. Ideal for customizing a gift package, a wall or even a piece of furniture! Source: December 25

The ceiling light is installed on the wall

Paul and Lola's decor

Admit it, these glass ceiling lights from the 70s, you can no longer see them in paint! Know that this was also my case before discovering the beautiful look that we can give them by transforming them into a wall lamp or a table lamp with a simple colored rope! Dare to tell me that it doesn't make you change your mind! Source: The decoration of Paul and Lola

Mason Jar + handkerchiefs =?


A superb tissue dispenser that everyone will envy you! With a Mason Jar - or a Le Parfait jar, as you prefer - left in its own juice or repainted in the color of your choice, all you have to do is slice it. Source: Landeelu

A jewelry display bohemian atmosphere

Sweet Jewelry

To make this bohemian jewelry display, you will only need an old frame, a crochet doily and a stapler. Simple as pie, but maximum effect! Source: Sweet Jewelry

A flat seam!

Difficult not to be charmed by the beautiful old sewing machines mounted on steel feet and wooden trays. But if, like me, sewing with a machine, it is not really your strong point, you can always divert the piece of furniture into a bedside table, side table, desk or even a vanity unit. Yes, yes, I assure you, it throws when finished! Source: A Blossoming Life

We customize the rattan

Jesus savage

Super fashionable in the 50s, rattan finds its letters of nobility in today's decor. So it's time to take your old armchairs out of the garage. But if you are not a fan of their raw appearance, I advise you to add a touch of fantasy with coils of trapilho. Sandra explains how to do it on her blog Jesus Sauvage! Source: Jesus Sauvage

Vintage fashion sweets

Dolly Jessy

You no longer know what to do with all these retro plates recovered from the grandparents or bought from Emmaüs for three francs six sous? What if you simply made a snack display? A little glue, two old stemware glasses and voila! Source: Dolly Jessy

Blown away!

Take Courage Blog

Originally used to store wine, Dame Jeanne has been reinventing itself for several years. A blow used in soliflore, sometimes in terrarium, it also lends itself to the game of transformation into a lamp. The least we can say is that the result is top! Source: Take Courage Blog