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Unusual: a wooden church transformed into an ultra-modern house

Unusual: a wooden church transformed into an ultra-modern house

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In the 1930s a pretty wooden church was built on the banks of the De Rotte river in Rotterdam. In 1960, the building lost all religious utility and was used as a car garage. In collaboration with Peter Boer, the architectural firm Ruud Visser launches the challenge of rehabilitating the building into a luxurious and resolutely modern family home. Visit.

A saved choir

René de Wit / RV Architecture Ruud Vider and Peter Boer did their utmost to maintain the original integrity of the church. We can see here that the stained glass windows of the choir have been preserved and give the house an incredible height under ceiling.

A house in the church

René de Wit / RV Architecture Rather than simply transforming the church into an everyday dwelling, the architects wanted to build a house in the church. One can therefore, once entered the building, observe the house in its entirety.

On each side, a corridor

René de Wit / RV Architecture On each side of the house, a corridor adorned with beautiful wooden beams, an extension of the roof vault, allows you to get around it.


René de Wit / RV Architecture Where the façade at the back of the church used to be, there is today a huge glass roof. It gives the house a magnificent view of the lake and a very beautiful light.

A completely open ground floor

René de Wit / RV Architecture The ground floor of the house is completely open to the church. We can therefore easily distinguish its very classic composition: a large living room separated from the kitchen and dining area by a polished concrete wall containing a fireplace.

A modern living room with a view

René de Wit / RV Architecture The entire interior of the house was, like this light-colored living room, furnished in a resolutely modern and refined style. A beautiful simple decor that perfectly frames the superb view of the river.

Stairs as an extension of the vault

René de Wit / RV Architecture When designing this house, Ruud Vider and Peter Boer paid particular attention to details. Thus, the stairs were built in the same wood as the original vault of the church.

An all-in-one room

René de Wit / RV Architecture In order to optimize the light, the parents' bedroom and its bathroom are simply partitioned off with fine waxed concrete walls. There are four different living spaces: the entrance, the toilet area, the bathroom and the bedroom itself

A modern bathroom

René de Wit / RV Architecture No place in this house escapes the spirit of modernity that reigns there, not even the bathroom in the parents' bedroom. There is a very beautiful and surprising black earthenware bathtub. * Source: RV Architecture *