Tiger 2016 Collection: selection of low prices

Tiger 2016 Collection: selection of low prices

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Tiger, a Danish brand launched in 1995, is the spokesperson for Scandinavian design at low prices. With more than 600 stores around the world, including seven stores in France (Lille, Tiger draws its strength from a permanent renewal of the decorative items it offers. We have selected for you the latest novelties, cheap and trends, on which you can crack without breaking the bank. Collection tour in pictures.

The kitchen takes on colors

Tiger The kitchen takes colors with Tiger which offers kitchen bowls and vitamin silicone spatulas. We love the marriage of two shades of green, emerald and mint, very trendy this summer. * Kitchen bowl: 3 or 5 € Silicone spatulas (x3): 4 € *

Dishes as if spray-painted

Tiger New for the season, tableware designed like spray-painted pictures. The range in pastel colors is made up of cups, mugs, milk jugs and plates. It will be ideal for dressing summer tables at a very low price. * Cup: € 2, Mug: € 3 Milk jug: € 4 Plate: € 3 *

Country decor in the garden

Tiger For aperitifs with friends, we focus on the details to create a rustic and festive decor in the garden. Pretty trays play culinary patterns to whet your appetite. On the lighting side, we abuse the pretty green paper lanterns, which will create a relaxed atmosphere on the terrace. * Tray: 5 € Lampion: 4 € *

Colorful thermos and mugs for the holidays

Tiger For the holidays, we don't forget to buy a thermos! Very practical, it is adorned with pea patterns for the season and plays with alliances of green. The insulated mugs do the same and are also found in blue and pink versions, as a tribute to the Pantone colors of the year. * Thermos: 8 € Insulated mug: 5 € *

To each his lantern

Tiger This year, the trend is to use lanterns to light up our terraces. We choose them in copper or silver for a very chic side or with soft colors to bring a festive air to the garden. * Copper / silver lantern: € 3 Green / purple lantern: € 2 *

Neat presentation for plants

Tiger Plants are firmly established in the house in 2016. On the container side, we love the hanging planters offered by Tiger: with their pastel colors and their leather cords, they will be able to establish themselves as ultra-decorative accessories. trends alongside assorted ceramic vases, which rely on soft curves! * Hanging pot: 5 € Ceramic vase: 5 and 6 € *

Pastel storage in the children's room

Tiger The little ones also get pastel! In the bedroom, we decorate with these woven wicker baskets. Blue, pink and green are played in monochrome or combine to energize the room. * Storage basket: € 4 *

Chic and practical woven baskets

Tiger Wicker, material of the year, is also found in storage baskets for parents. In the black and white version, we like their very chic side, whether for the laundry basket or the closed storage box. * Basket: € 4 Laundry basket: € 7 Case: € 8 *

A seaside look in black and white

Tiger Timeless decorative trend, black and white, mixed with graphics, brings to the table an air of oriental print. We like the range of dishes spotted at Tiger: the fish motif plays on the seaside without forgetting to remain elegant thanks to the use of black and white. A must have for summer lunches. * Plate, bowl or cup without handle: 2 € * More info on Tiger: