The multiple functions of decorative brushes

The multiple functions of decorative brushes

Brushes are no longer limited to styling our hair. In the house, they come in many facets, more or less surprising but always very decorative. The height of chic, all rooms benefit. Look at this trend not at all far-fetched!

A decorative brush for the bedroom

Fleux Waking up the walls of the bedroom with a hodgepodge of mirrors is a real trend! But to stand out, we put on unusual pieces, like these round mirrors surrounded by a mane of filaments like a hairbrush. Irresistible !

A decorative brush for our dressing table

Happyspace After the hairbrush, the makeup brush! Turned over, it offers an original storage space where to "plant" masquara, pencil, eyeliner and brush. The best way to involve our beauty allies in the decor.

A decorative brush for the office

Fleux A practical and unusual decorative brush to store your mail: we love it!

A decorative brush for the kitchen

Iris Hantverk In the kitchen, cleaning and maintenance brushes are reinvented under a new look, more natural and more chic (horsehair fibers)! A choice that is validated at 200%.

A decorative brush for the dining room Chic swipe on the dining table. An express cleaning for which we thank miniature and pretty models, like this one.

A decorative brush for the bathroom

Ferm Living In the bathroom, our toothbrushes offer a super decorative makeover. Bow tie, tie or necklace, everyone has their favorite style!

(Again) a decorative brush for the bathroom

Umbra Another version of the "brush" trend in the bathroom. This time, it is no longer the toothbrushes that are playing deco, but their storage! Between their hedgehog peaks in pop colors, we plant toothpaste and company with a surprisingly playful gesture.

A decorative brush for the laundry room

Iris Hantverk Putting away all our household tools is no longer unsightly if we take care to choose only models that are as beautiful as they are practical. This is the case for these eco-friendly brushes who take advantage of this to make the beautiful ones on the wall!

A decorative brush for the toilet

Iris Hantverk Simply because in the toilets, they are essential, the special WC cleaning brushes (sophisticated outfit required) could not escape our selection…