The bathroom with an urban look

The bathroom with an urban look

Whether you live in the city or just want to create an atmosphere inspired by your trips to major capitals, the urban style can perfectly find its place in the bathroom! We invite you to discover 10 inspirations for a bathroom with an urban air like New York, Paris or Tokyo.

A bathroom in an industrial setting

Lido If you live in a loft, the urban side of your bathroom will come from the decor of the room with exposed bricks that you will paint gray for a trendy touch. To create an offset with the decor, you will opt for white designer furniture and you will add a metallic touch with a metal towel rack.

A techno-style bathroom

Delpha If you like the excitement of Tokyo, a technologically inspired bathroom will seduce you! We will bet on ultra modern materials with metallic walls that we will energize with red furniture and decorative accessories very design.

A bathroom with raw materials

Delpha For an urban atmosphere in the bathroom, do not hesitate to play with the different materials. You can opt for a tile that takes a concrete effect or metallic effects. On the furniture side, play the design card and add a piece of raw inspiration like a concrete effect bench. A very designer light will complete the decor.

A rock bathroom

Delpha When you live in the city, the bathroom is often small. To give it style and scale, we put on a bathroom open to the bedroom, which we separate with glass panels. On the decor side, we stay in the codes of the room with trendy black and a very masculine urban rock side.

A minimalist bathroom

Allia Always for questions of space but also of style, the urban bathroom can be minimalist! A beautiful white sink then contrasts with a black stone wall and a backlit mirror creates the underground atmosphere specific to the city.

A bathroom with metro tiles

Alinéa To give an urban inspiration to your fairly classic bathroom, you can simply opt for Parisian metro effect tiles that you will install on the back of your vanity unit.

A high-tech bathroom

Lapeyre Finally, for a bathroom that reflects the modernity of the city, we opt for a bathroom with high-tech looks with a piece of furniture in futuristic shapes and a screen-printed shower screen for a graphic style.

A bathroom with materials effects

Ideal For a bathroom that has character like the city, we put on original materials like this tile which takes on a rusty metallic effect. We add design furniture and a large photo like an art gallery.

A gray bathroom

Line Art Finally, if you want to give an urban style to a bathroom with wooden furniture, sometimes it is enough to add a gray wall in order to recall the colors of the city. The must ? A real brick wall or trompe l'oeil effect.

Total black look

Alinéa Easy to give an urban look to your bathroom by daring a total black look. Vanity unit, storage cupboard, shower tiles and bathroom linen play the dark card.

Aged bricks on the wall

Delpha So that the urban spirit reigns in your bathroom, adopt white bricks with an aged look on the wall. Be careful however not to place them everywhere at the risk of brushing against the overdose.

A red wall

Leroy Merlin Gray furniture, black tiles, and to warm it all up: a red wall that houses the main elements of the bathroom! Here are some ingredients to create an urban atmosphere in your pond.

Construction site signs

Leroy Merlin It is not always easy to give a decorative style in a very small bathroom! But with a few good ideas, like this black lacquered furniture and these construction site panels, the room takes on a very successful urban air.

Lacquered furniture

Ikea To give a little clarity to the black tiles that cover the entire bathroom, we put on white lacquered furniture. An urban look in which your children will enjoy playing!

All dressed in gray

Allia User and using gray: nothing easier to give an urban look to the bathroom! As for the furniture, it is preferably chosen white and with clean lines.

Brick-style metro tiles

Ikea To give your bathroom an urban look, choose a tile that has mixed metro and red brick ambiance. Little advice not to overload the decor: put it only on half the wall!

New York decor on the wall

Delpha To affirm the urban look of this black and white bathroom, we dared on one of the walls a wallpaper which offers a superb view in height of New York.

With a view of the buildings

Allia Easy to give an urban air to your bathroom when you have a magnificent view of the buildings! It only remains to replace the wall with a large glass roof and voila!

Rounded shapes

Leroy Merlin In addition to bright colors like blue and red, this bathroom has adopted furniture with rounded and playful shapes. A nice urban air that will delight the whole family.