A design, high-tech and ecological apartment

A design, high-tech and ecological apartment

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In the 4th arrondissement of Paris, a few steps from the Saint-Gervais Church, is an apartment renovated by the Huggy company and designed by the architectural firm Texier & Soulas. It was not a simple renovation but a real modernization. Visit an apartment that is both design, high-tech and eco-friendly.


Huggy / Joanna Zielinska In this apartment, color is brought by the details. We find on the sofa in the living room pretty colorful cushions. We also note the three vertical niches dug in the wall which house well-lit knick-knacks, a design element that is both chic and original.

The office area

Huggy / Joanna Zielinska Texier & Soulas imagined an invisible office area. Hidden in a closet, it is only out when you need it. As for storage, they are hung on the walls and accommodate the owners' trinkets.

A black & white dining room

Huggy / Joanna Zielinska Who has never dreamed of an American bench seat for their dining room? In Saint-Gervais, it's a dream come true. At the end of the living room, an alcove has been dug in the wall and accommodates a black bench next to which are arranged black tables and chairs.

Glass in the kitchen

Huggy / Joanna Zielinska In the kitchen, the lighting is optimal thanks to several skillfully arranged spots. On almost gray parquet, all the furniture is white. On the walls, a beautiful gray glass tiling which gives a very modern look to the room.

Cozy room

Huggy / Joanna Zielinska The master bedroom is extremely cozy. The bed, placed in an alcove with textured wallpaper, is covered with a faux fur plaid in which you can snuggle up when the evenings are cool.

A connected apartment

Huggy / Joanna Zielinska In this apartment, all the electricity is "connected". The lights turn on and off from the owners' smartphones, whether or not they are at home.

James Bond style toilets

Huggy / Joanna Zielinska The toilets seem straight out of a James Bond film with the wall tiles and the black furniture.

A high-tech bathroom

Huggy / Joanna Zielinska The bathroom is fitted with speakers. Just plug your smartphone into the wall to listen to music in the shower. Design and modern!

Better than a bedside lamp

Huggy / Joanna Zielinska For evening reading, nothing like this frame of light behind the bed. Sources: and


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