Collection of But kitchens 2013, preview in pictures

Collection of But kitchens 2013, preview in pictures

But stores reveal their kitchen forecasts for the spring / summer 2013 season, and we are not disappointed! It's your turn to fall for one of them…


Aim Back to basics, back to natural, like this cuisine that exudes well-being! Its secret: the wooden essence of its chic furniture.

Emerald green

Purpose The color of the year, emerald green, is on display in this kitchen, brilliantly highlighted by the gray lacquered furniture that composes it.


Purpose On a pink / purple background, this kitchen, focused on "first apartment" or "first studio", is true to what young people expect from a kitchen: small but smartly furnished, elegant and lively and furnished in modernity.


Goal There is no more contemporary version in the kitchen than the combination of wooden furniture and a concrete worktop.


Goal Near the stove, red energizes as it should, which is why it is super trendy. A side "fatal beauty" that this kitchen and its burgundy red dress shows us once again.


Back to the 1950s and the love that family houses, in town or in the countryside, had for large kitchens. Shell handles, paneled effect, natural color chart ranging from wood to beige: everything to cook in another time!


Goal Back to the future with this divinely futuristic and highly refined kitchen. Here, only the wood essence keeps us in the present.