Cotentin marine flavors at the Hotel des Isles

Cotentin marine flavors at the Hotel des Isles

Destination Barneville-Carteret in the department of Manche on the white sandy beaches of the which offers for panorama Jersey and the islets of the Ecréchou. This is where the Hotel des Isles hides, a charming establishment of 30 rooms inspired by the seaside houses. A stylish hotel with retro charm from the Nordic seaside houses.

The Bar

eliophot - JF.Drean Come and enjoy a drink at the hotel bar. A decor with a very marine look.

Delight around the table

eliophot - JF.Drean The restaurant awaits you in a resolutely trendy decor with marine accents.

View from the balcony

eliophot - JF.Drean Take the time to relax on one of the many deckchairs on the hotel terrace.

Relaxing time at the pool

eliophot - JF.Drean Come and dive in the heated swimming pool for a pure moment of pleasure! And admire the view of the sea…

Outside view

eliophot - JF.Drean At the Hotel des Isles, calm and tranquility are the watchwords. Come breathe the sea air…


eliophot - JF.Drean The restaurant offers you a charming view of the hotel swimming pool ... The chic of the wood and the blue color blend perfectly for a resolutely trendy atmosphere.