Goal: focus on the new 2016-2017 collection

Goal: focus on the new 2016-2017 collection

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exclusively discovered the new 2016-2017 collection from But in the heart of Paris. On the program, clever furniture for all rooms of the house, shimmering colors and irresistible decorative accessories! What give a facelift to its interior, and always at a low price. Overview of the most beautiful models and trends identified by the editorial staff.

Design and retro furniture

Katia Rimbert As for the living room, the seats in gray tones mingle with Scandinavian furniture. For a functional office, the brand offers a clean workspace with wooden and metal furniture with as few frills as possible. The editorial staff's favorite: the elephant-shaped basket made of water hyacinth for 69.99 euros. You can use it as a wastebasket or a tote box.

Playing with shapes and colors

Katia Rimbert In a lounge area or a relaxation area, nothing like a soft sofa like this Delphine bench seat (299.99 euros) a bit vintage. Highlight it with a pretty light fixture with three lampshades (Raphi reference), graphic cushions and small sun mirrors.

A feminine boudoir spirit

Katia Rimbert You don't know how to arrange a small entrance or a corner of a living room? But found the solution by transforming an unused corner into a pretty powdery pink boudoir. The Scandinavian style side tables (49.99 euros each) are chewable, as is the Oslo low armchair (199 euros), perfect for having tea with friends or for sewing. The little extra? The adorable bell lamp.

Decorative items that make all the difference

Katia Rimbert The charm of this living room is largely due to the various decorative accessories hidden there. We love the metal and wood basket on the glass coffee table (4.99 euros), the small ceramic candle holders (2.99 euros) for a cozy atmosphere and the plant suspensions to hang on a door knob or on the walls. . To add a little more warmth, add a patterned rug.

An ingenious sofa

Katia Rimbert At But, the new collection wants to be even more functional. The proof with this gray Camellia corner sofa (799 euros) which hides open storage on the side. You can store books or children's toys for example. If you often receive friends at home, the fabric poufs will allow you to welcome them.

Posters that give fishing!

Katia Rimbert To boost your interior, we choose polka dot design wallpaper and posters with positive messages that put you in a good mood! Combine this with an original mirror, a storage unit with sliding doors and small decorative items, and you will get a living room where life is good.

Bring more light to the living room

Bringing more light to the living room A poorly lit living room can quickly become sad, especially if you have a dark sofa and armchairs. We avoid this by opting for wooden furniture, clear walls and accessories that enhance the whole like this Aztec fouta to use as a plaid (12.99 euros). The little extra? The Becozy floor lamp which allows you to store your books for an optimal reading corner.

Mix colors

Katia Rimbert At But, the 2016-2017 trend is to mix hot and cold tones in the living room to create a shimmering and original space. As a coffee table, the Claudia model in tempered glass (39.99 euros for the smallest model and 59.99 euros for the largest) is a good alternative for letting more natural light into the room.

A warm room

Katia Rimbert The living room has become a real living room, that is why it is important to decorate it to your taste, with a nice wallpaper and a carpet in harmony. Here, the library (99.99 euros) is transformed into industrial furniture, which highlights collectibles or vases.


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