Who says small apartment says high perched storage!

Who says small apartment says high perched storage!

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Making verticality your best ally is the winning formula for maximizing the space of a small apartment. Thus, by storing high perched, we multiply the storage areas of our belongings without even occupying a single additional square centimeter. The ideal? Do not spare any room in the house! Demonstration.

Raised library in the dining room

Ikea Book eaters don't have to worry. Their massive collection of books has only to perch above the cupboards to make an appearance without snacking on the whole space!

Raised backrests in the living room

Ikea No place to have an office at home? No problem. We have our files tidy on shelves flush with the ceiling ... in the living room. Neither seen nor known !

Raised bedside table in the bedroom

Ikea No place to install a bedside table at the foot of the bed? No big deal. A shelf fixed above the pillows, fitted with an extra lamp, an alarm clock and a few books, does the trick!

Raised storage space in the entrance

Ikéa In order to remove a minimum of space at the entrance, we put on vertical shoe racks! Or how to combine space saving and maxi fashion style…

Raised shelves in the hallway

Purpose In the corridor, shelves along the walls make the expression "lost space" fall into oblivion.

Raised shelf in children's room

Ikea A shelf where you can place the whole collection of animal and dinosaur figurines while freeing the floor? We vote for!

Raised storage baskets in the bathroom

Ikéa In the bathroom, we add a few baskets of storage, above the mirror cabinet because every corner deserves to be exploited at best in a small apartment!

Raised storage bins in the teenage bedroom

Ikea As long as the walls receive their raised storage boxes, teenagers can be relieved: their small belongings will all enter their small room!

Raised shelves in the kitchen

Ikéa Above the credenza, shelves climbing up to the ceiling skillfully store crockery and skillfully. Since then, the little kitchen has become big!