When musical instruments invite themselves into decoration

When musical instruments invite themselves into decoration

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Did you know that musical instruments can be real assets in your decor? Often stored in a corner or hidden in a closet, their owners find it difficult to find a place for them in the living room, bedroom or even the entrance. However, with a little imagination and a few tricks, whatever instruments can blend in perfectly with the decor. Here are a few ideas that will help you see more clearly.

Dress up the piano

Mokkasin Frames, vases, figurines, flowers ... decorating the top of your upright piano can be a great idea so that it fits easily into the room.

Under bell

Anders Bergstedt Put in a bell, this wooden recorder seems to float in the air. A beautiful idea, easy to carry out and which can be used with other small musical instruments such as a harmonica, castanets or even maracas.

To hang in the entrance

Susanne Kings Like the jackets and scarves, this guitar was hung from the large coat rack at the entrance! Ideal for saving floor space and adding a bit of originality to this space, which is often sorely lacking.

Copper decor

Anders Bergstedt That's good, copper has been a real trend in decoration for some time! So no question of depriving yourself of the introduction of musical instruments such as the saxophone in its interior. And it must be said, hung like this above the living room sofa, it throws a max!

Music and games

Jamie Street Sliding in large numbers in the children's room, musical instruments mix with toys naturally. We fix them on the wall, we store them in baskets, we install them under the teepee ... in short, we play it simple and it works!

A bass drum at your bedside

Rockterrace Moving part of the illico presto battery in the room! This bass drum thus gains the attractive function of a bedside table. Original and just as practical as a classic model, we can only approve.

Bohemian atmosphere

Dara Tippapart Ethnic carpet, folk curtains, bright and shimmering colors ... to complete this bohemian atmosphere, nothing like a small mandolin simply placed on the side of the fireplace.

A music room

Kristen Loken What if we dared the music room? Here, it is under a mezzanine that it is installed and it does not seem at all to cause a rupture of harmony with the rest of the decor. 10/10!

A flight of violins

Anders Bergstedt Softness and refinement. Two words that immediately come to mind when we discover this wall of violins. Did you say "lyric flight"?