Zara Home and its spring 2013 collection

Zara Home and its spring 2013 collection

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At Zara Home, the collections have had a facelift since the arrival of spring. Soft palette, delicate embroidery, lightness and femininity are the watchwords of this lovely season. Small preview in pictures…

Tangerine tango

Zara Home It is not because tangerine tango was the color of the year in 2012 that in 2013, we ignore it! Still at the forefront of the scene, the most shimmering orange flourishes on this bed linen to inject a little taste of summer pep… Especially since its "coral" patterns drew their inspiration from ocean floor.

Marine softness

Zara Home Pretty staging in the bathroom. Between a butterfly coat hook, a beautiful vase and fish frames, it seems that the seaside style has been revisited with a certain spring sweetness. Chic and daring.

Country chic

Zara Home Marriage of beige and white posing a "soft" style, bouquet of roses on the bedside table accentuating the romantic side; all awakened with a brilliant purple cushion located in the center of the bed: this is a very modern and subtle interpretation of a "country chic" decor.

Tenderness gray

Zara Home Let's stop associating the gray color with a mine gray atmosphere! In spring, it even asserts its extreme softness and lightness, as demonstrated by this bed mixing pastel gray with a more southerly gray on the cushions and on the plaid.


Zara Home White white bed linen, white white lampshade: in this freshly immaculate decor, only the crocodile cushion at the heart of the bed stands out. The idea: highlight the luminosity and softness of spring!


Zara Home Against a quilted and nicely studded headboard, a set and cushions, sometimes cream, sometimes brown, sometimes pink, form a sublime poetic ensemble inviting you to dream…


Zara Home Hourglass fuchsia came to wake up a 100% white decor, or when the fluorescent shifts our winter decor into the spring season.