English cuisine

English cuisine

Do you want a comfortable and welcoming kitchen? Why not take a trip across the Channel to get inspired by the English style? You will then discover an inveterate love for wood and natural materials such as stone as well as a certain rustic refinement inherited from cottages, traditional country houses. Who says the English don't know about cooking? Certainly not .

A romantic air in the countryside

Lapeyre Textured wood on the worktop, cupboards with pretty moldings, this is a refined traditional cuisine that invites you to the romantic sweetness of life in the English countryside. The kitchen furniture is functional with a work surface that is also used for meals and a bench space that also contains storage space.

A traditional cottage spirit

Lapeyre To set foot in this kitchen is to find yourself directly in an English cottage. The kitchen is therefore a warm and beautiful room to accommodate the whole family at various times of the day. Wood plays the traditional card just like the tiling which dresses the work plan or the copper utensils which also serve as decoration.

A traditional spirit revisited

Leroy Merlin In this kitchen, we are inspired by the English style while modernizing it! Wood is thus kept as the flagship material of the kitchen, as are the ornate doors and metal handles inspired by the traditional style, but we prefer more refined lines and a timeless gray.

On a country air

Ikea A retro look for this English cuisine that does not lack character with its wooden slatted furniture and its old sink which immediately sets the tone for your room. In white color, it has not aged a bit and will offer a vintage chic touch to your British interior.

English chic

Lapeyre In this kitchen, the traditional spirit has been preserved while adding more modern lines. The English touch? Intense black furniture reminiscent of "club" or even "pub" style decor in the English style, coupled with beautiful rustic wooden worktops. An English touch easy to adopt.

A kitchen decorated like a living room

Neptune Because the English style kitchen integrates perfectly with the rest of the house, it decorates like the living room with fabric lampshades, offers an integrated library for cookbooks and adopts decorative pots to store utensils. Or how to give a refined air to your English cuisine.

Characteristics that set the tone

Neptune To add a touch of English charm to your kitchen, a few simple tips: replace your cupboard doors with glass models that will reveal the beautiful dishes, adopt metal handles on all your storage, bet on old-style taps and treat yourself to a tiled splashback.

English spirit "city" style

Leroy Merlin For a UK spirit, it's not just the countryside that can inspire you! On the contrary, imagine your cuisine in the heart of London and you will opt for modern and refined elements. And for a dynamic cuisine, you will wink at the London bus with a red wall which awakens the whole.

Cottage design version

Lapeyre Take a hint of traditional English cuisine, add a pinch of designer cuisine and you will get this very beautiful contemporary kitchen which also takes up ornate cupboards while modernizing them. The lines are refined while keeping the charm that we appreciate in the old also with the beautiful parts in light wood.