Home visit: 3 decorative atmospheres for a design triplex

Home visit: 3 decorative atmospheres for a design triplex

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Your heart balances between several styles of decoration? Why choose ? Take the example of the owners of this triplex! They simply mixed the atmospheres: sometimes design, sometimes industrial, a little rock and seventies ... Good taste is there and the result throws. The proof in pictures !

A designer tv corner

Camille Demarthe This TV corner plays with the codes of design for a seventies-style rendering: white lacquered furniture, mustard yellow armchair, colorful and graphic prints, sofa in the aged style… It seems to have taken a step back in time, until 'we notice the flat screen on the wall!

An open dining room

Camille Demarthe This spacious dining room is bathed in light thanks to the glass ceiling. The second canopy at the level of the staircase opens the horizon of the room, which is very significant. The yellow of the chairs enhances the minimalist decor and brings character.

A stainless steel kitchen

Nothing like stainless steel to create an industrial atmosphere in the kitchen without cutting too much with the rest.

A music corner

Camille Demarthe The glass roof contains a corner conducive to musical expression. We really want to settle down comfortably in this upholstered chair and listen to a piece of guitar (if we don't know how to play it)! Special mention for this huge painting that dresses the wall in its beautiful colors.

A library with Scandinavian design

Camille Demarthe A library that spans an entire wall: the dream! We love the opening / closing game of storage lockers inspired by Scandinavian design.

An imposing staircase

Camille Demarthe If the library takes up the entire wall, the staircase is just as imposing. Stainless steel and glass go perfectly with red chairs and carpets.

A sleek corridor with an arty touch

Camille Demarthe This corridor is a concept in itself: the pop colors stand out very well on the white of the walls and the floor. It was the modern and arty touch that was missing to wake up this place of passage!

Design armchairs

Camille Demarthe This piece illustrates the decorating bias of the owners: we dare to mix design and retro! We validate the graphic effect of the carpet and the clean lines of the armchairs.

Nature in the toilet

Camille Demarthe We can say that the toilets bring a touch of shift to the overall decor: here we are in a charming little corner (of nature) where birds and butterflies keep us company!