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A library in the teenage bedroom

A library in the teenage bedroom

Libraries for all styles for the teenage bedroom, this is what we invite you to discover. Our teens also start reading and revising with the help of tidy books. The decor also counts and everyone chooses the one that best suits them.

The hidden library

Paragraph It concerns those who have large cupboards integrated into the layout of their room. Indeed some architects have the intelligence to place storage in a section of wall, but sometimes they see too big and the cupboard can then become a library if necessary. She then disappears behind a sliding door in the colors of the room. Discretion guaranteed!

The library in box

Ikéa Like the hanging shelves, the boxes allow you to animate an empty wall and add an original decorative touch. Unlike the shelves which can sometimes be made almost invisible, the boxes are assumed and visible, they constitute a real decorative element, like a frame or a lamp.

The practical library

Leroy Merlin At Leroy Merlin, the shelves are practical and become more than a bookcase: bedside table but also storage of all kinds, the shelves have good backs when it comes to decoration and that's good. At home, we reproduce the experience by carefully choosing their heights which will then define their uses: book, storage, lamp, alarm clock ... Everything goes!

Girl's library

Maison du monde For young teenage girls who are still between pink childhood and their young adult life where they go on outings with girlfriends and discussions on boys, we choose a cool decor with touches of pink with a colorful library.

The adult library

Maison du monde For the big teenagers, who understood the interest of decoration, we choose a beautiful library which also serves as a showcase. They will place their most beautiful objects there: shells collected on the beach, large books that impress, memories of travel… The decor belongs to them!

The electro decoration

Maison du monde For the rooms which do not lack space, we choose an imposing library, which occupies a lot of floor space. In pop and electro colors, Maisons du monde offers a nice series for teens who love parties and colors! They store all their school equipment and a few pocket books.

The marine library

Maison du monde Some rooms are anchored in a very particular decor: sea and ocean, art, precise color code ... If this is your case, you have to go all the way. Here, for example, the marine atmosphere is highlighted by the play of colors, the use of wood and the pointed shapes reminiscent of beach huts. The decoration to the end of the roofs!

The classic library

Ikéa A simple and geometric shape, the bookcase has long been in white wood. Today we can have fun on the decor by choosing metal or more original colors. Inside the teenagers will store their books for school, binders, some decorative items, storage boxes…

The furniture library

La Redoute Teenagers have the right to play in the big leagues from time to time: here the use of a secretary's desk transforms their bedroom into a real professional office. The computer and course books disappear once the tablet is raised. We add a touch of color with the rest of the furniture to keep a more youthful spirit.