The Durham: a floor-to-ceiling graphic hotel

The Durham: a floor-to-ceiling graphic hotel

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Right in the heart of the city, The Durham Hotel has taken up the challenge of reviving a building that once housed the iconic "Home Savings Bank". The hotel has taken the name of the city that welcomes it to become its champion: it embodies the entrepreneurial, innovative and cultural spirit of this city in North Carolina. Its founders, Daniel Robinson and Brad Wiese, called on designers from Los Angeles to transform this legendary place into a chic and arty destination, like the city in full renaissance. Visit this graphic, colorful and urban hotel.

A graphic and colorful lobby

Spencer Lowell In the hall, we discover a modernist decoration. The furniture in the twentieth spirit is based on a graphic and sparkling carpet. We love the colors that juxtapose in space: saffron yellow, brick red, beige and emerald green harmonize with gaiety. The lines are frank and uncompromising.

A restaurant that mixes genres

Spencer Lowell The restaurant sits in a large space which has a very high ceiling. The upstairs curve contrasts with the strict glass façade facing it. Here, the void is adorned by magnificent geometric suspensions that play 3D when the floor is covered with revisited bistro chairs, black and blue, installed alongside small wooden armchairs with a subtle design. The mixture is harmonious and delicate.

Total black & white look around the store

Spencer Lowell Ultra-graphic and almost psychedelic, the decor that surrounds the boutique-bookstore is like the hotel: creative. We love this total look of black and white triangles that invade the floor and the walls. A daring bias that perfectly finds its place in this hotel, a paradise for geometric graphics.

A corridor in primary colors

Spencer Lowell In the corridor leading to the bedrooms, we continue our graphic adventure. The carpet this time plays the primary colors, Mondrian style but with triangles, and imposes itself as a guideline facing the walls and all white ceilings. Gorgeous !

Colorful and geometric rooms

Spencer Lowell The 53 rooms of the hotel and its rooftop suite are just like him: colorful, graphic and representative of a design from the middle of the 20th century. The gypsy blue carpet, designer furniture and mustard yellow curtains are beautifully worked. Here, in the "penthouse suite", the bedroom is separated from the living room which opens onto a huge wooden terrace.

Office and art: the spirit of Durham

Spencer Lowell Each room is equipped with an office space and its work of art. We love this comfort in a hotel anchored in its territory and inspired by the spirit of innovation that characterizes the city of Durham and in which the place is thought of as an opening point on culture.

Cubic bathroom

Spencer Lowell The bathroom keeps blue on the floor to cover more sober furniture than the rest of the hotel. The equipment is cubic and minimalist and the large shower registers comfort as a primary characteristic.

A rooftop at the top

Spencer Lowell On the roof, a lounge area with a view of the city. The furniture mixes the wired metal look with the sleek Scandinavian bench. The space is huge and very pleasant thanks to a terrace made of wooden slabs, graphic and warm.

A dinner with a view in the hotel restaurant

Spencer Lowell Still on this exceptional roof terrace, the restaurant part welcomes its guests around very graphic wooden tables. We also love the chairs in black wired metal covered with camel leather, elegant and drawn. An address with a view that we will keep in mind! More info: