10 cardboard toys for children

10 cardboard toys for children

Keeping children busy is not always easy. To prevent your little monsters from getting bored during the holidays, there are a multitude of activities to do with three times nothing, such as games to create from cardboard. Here are the unusual ideas that we spotted on Pinterest to recycle your boxes and entertain young and old!

A shadow show

Blog Estefi Machado If your child is old enough to be meticulous and focused enough, you can make a shadow theater out of cardboard with him, using a sheet of tracing paper and small sticks (such as teeth) to move each character. Source: Estefi Machado

Your child is on TV!

Estéfi Machado Make your child a star! Build a vintage television together that lets your toddler sneak inside. Don't forget to create raised buttons and install antennas with colorful straws or stems. Source: Small and Small

An outdoor game

Constantly Lovestruck In fine weather, children often want to play outside. To keep them occupied for a good part of the afternoon, an outdoor game consists of installing giant arrow words on the ground when their friends come to visit them. Your children will be able to learn while having fun. Source: Constantly Lovestruck

A DIY dollhouse

My cakies Here is a house that you will not see in everyone! With scraps of cardboard, erect several floors of a real doll's house and dig holes for windows and doors. Your child will be able to play with his Barbie dolls, figurines and other toys at a lower cost! Source: Moma le blog

A cardboard washing machine

Estéfi Machado Your child follows you everywhere when you do laundry? Build her own cardboard washing machine, which you will draw buttons and other controls for. He can reproduce your actions and even hang his clothes on a clothesline. Source: Casa TV

A cardboard table football

Instructables / makedo-able This cardboard table football and paper towel rolls is very easy to make and will teach him the rules of football. The little extra? You can set up the game table wherever you want so that he can play with other children. Source: Instructables

Occupy the space of the house

My decor like the grown-ups It is not always easy to let your children play in an apartment without them shaking the furniture or your belongings. Work around the problem by installing a castle or other cardboard construction in a small space like a hallway or between two children's rooms. Source: My decor like the grown-ups

A camera

Idea cabin Have you eaten your eggs and are going to throw away the now empty box? Stop! Transform it into a decorative camera for your child! Source: Idea huts

A typewriter

Estéfi Machado Your little one is looking at your computer keyboard with envy? Give him something to tap with a toy his age: a cardboard typewriter! A super transformation that seduces with its retro touch. Source: Estéfi Machado