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We show up in the kitchen

We show up in the kitchen

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Often, the kitchen walls are left bare and lack charm or personality. We will prove to you that this piece can also be highlighted with botanical posters, modern illustrations, beautiful vintage photos or unique designs. Here is our selection of kitchens that have dared the wall decoration.

A small canvas of master

Miluccia Blog Do you know a painter or do you particularly appreciate the work of an artist? Dare to display it in the kitchen! Without realizing it, you spend some time behind the stove, which will allow you to enjoy the painting on a daily basis. Source: Miluccia Blog

A dose of inspiration

RGB 4 You To awaken your creative spirit, hang a positive poster (available on A Little Market) which talks about the culinary world or a grandmother's recipe printed on old paper. If you do not want to pierce your wall, simply affix it against it, on a side table or on your worktop.

Color in the kitchen

Rebecca Bond This original and colorful painting contrasts perfectly with the credenza bars and the well-stocked shelves of the room. It brings a touch of color to the kitchen. Source: Cocoon decoration blog

Botanical posters

Biodiversity Heritage Library It is a long time since you made your first herbarium ... And yet, you can find this sweetness of childhood by hanging botanical posters in the kitchen. A simple piece of colored masking tape will be enough to stick them to the wall, if you do not want to frame them. Source: Poppytalk Blog

A giant magnetic poster

Home Panoramik This XXL poster covers a large section of wall. It has the particularity of being magnetic so that you can paste your shopping list, little words for your children or even sticky notes. It is a good alternative to wallpaper or colored paint. Price: 320 euros on Etsy

To remember our childhood memories

Peanut oak Print Play the nostalgia card by decorating your kitchen with posters of vintage objects, like this model (available on Etsy which presents dishes from yesteryear. Preferably choose ocher tones for an effect even more retro Price: around 22 euros

Establish your own rules

My decorative words Putting a grain of salt in the kitchen is also not to lack humor in the decoration! The proof with this funny poster that plays on words and lists the rules of good manners to respect in the kitchen as well as other rather unusual commandments. Price: 20 euros

Advocate the use of compost

Ellimac Pinson To preach the good word to your children and your guests, think of hanging on the wall a nice illustration explaining how the compost or the waste that can be put in it is made. After all, a drawing is worth a thousand words. Price: 7 euros on Etsy

A small graphic poster

Paper and Pickles In modern or Scandinavian style kitchens, graphic posters are a sure bet. They are sleek and design but they can also be colored. You can frame the poster in order to fix it on the wall or include it among your utensils and other decorative objects on your work plan. Price: around 14 euros


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