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Wall lights in the kitchen

Wall lights in the kitchen

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In the kitchen, we are often poorly lit without really realizing it. However, by spending more and more time in this living room, it is better to add lighting. The wall lamps provide an additional point of lighting on the worktop while having an undeniable charm. Overview of the different models that fit perfectly behind the stove.

An original DIY wall lamp

Cécile Lowy If you have a small budget but want to redo the lighting in your kitchen, don't panic! Take an old colander or pick up copper pots with small holes and fix them to the walls by placing a light bulb inside.

Industrial style lighting

Wertvoll Fotografie In a contemporary loft-style kitchen, extendable black wall lights will give an industrial touch to the room. The little extra? You can orient them as you see fit above the sink when doing the dishes or on your worktop when cooking. Source: Wertvoll Fotographie

A contemporary lamp

Blog Inside Closet This two-headed lamp is ideal in a small graphic kitchen that overlooks the dining room. It allows you to integrate the kitchen into a modern and designer living room. We love the tables on the work plan. Source: Inside Closet Blog

Targeted wall lights

Leroy Merlin These small spots to be fixed under the kitchen cupboards allow you to have additional lighting in the kitchen, in order to better prepare your recipes. Easy to install and inexpensive, they are discreet enough not to clutter the space but efficient enough.

A string of metal sconces

Louwerse De Jong The sconces are even prettier when there are more than one. And that's good, in the kitchen, the work plan generally needs to be lit along its entire length. Attach several metal wall lights just above it, like the architect Louwerse De Jong did.

Provide additional lighting

Houdan Cuisines If you often make good little dishes using a recipe book, it is better to see clearly so as not to be mistaken in proportions! For this, small wall lights are a good solution.

Retro lighting

Peter Kragballe In order to better orient vintage wall lights like this one, consider fixing a small shelf to the wall to install them. The lamps will then be easier to access and will hang more easily. If you put more than one, a long stove will be just as well lit from one end of the kitchen to the other.

Hijack objects

Lollibidule This wall lamp (available on A Little Market) was made using several small colored shelves and bowls, which have been diverted to accommodate bulbs. Original and offbeat, it will make your kitchen unique! Price: 165 euros

Design wall lights

Gilles Trillard Finally, in a chic and modern interior, these sconces allow to light the kitchen but also the dining table which is in the center of the room. To optimize the workspace, LED spots have been added.