10 ideas to customize your closet doors

10 ideas to customize your closet doors

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Tired of your bedroom closets? Have you had the same wardrobe in your hallway for years? Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you can't give your closet doors a facelift. We have found ideas for you to customize and awaken your interior. You will only need a little inspiration and sometimes elbow grease.

Colorful cupboard doors

Like a color Are you not very comfortable with paint or wallpaper? We found another alternative to change the color of your closet doors and give a facelift to a room: Like a color stickers. Easy to install, it is available in a wide variety of colors and texture effects.

Create original handles

Reform To transform a piece of furniture, there is no need to rethink it from A to Z. Just add designer door handles like these models signed Reform and voila! It is also very practical for cupboards without handles that are sometimes not very ergonomic.

Customize a storage unit

Castorama Instead of changing your furniture, think of customizing a piece of furniture or a cupboard which you already have and which is always in good condition. You can repaint it but also draw unique shapes using varnishes of different shades.

Personalize a door with masking tape

Blog End of string and little stars… Masking tape is an inexpensive and easy-to-use tool that can truly transform a room. For a classic closet door or a sliding walk-in wardrobe door, think of creating inspiring shapes like this little poetic paper airplane. Source: End of string and little z'étoiles…

Making leather door handles

Maud Lefebvre Revitalize a white closet located in an entry or in a bedroom by replacing its old handles with small pieces of leather. You just have to cut your material before nailing it to the height you want.

Add a mirror on a dressing door

Leroy Merlin Sometimes it doesn't take much to reinvent a piece of furniture and enlarge the space. The proof, a mirror sticker or a mirror fixed on a cupboard door will allow you to better prepare yourself in the morning while giving a more modern look to a room.

Glue a fabric on a door

Blog Nouf in wonderland Here is a Do It Yourself rather easy to achieve. This blogger transformed her closet by covering the sliding doors of the furniture with an original fabric. One thing is certain, we will not see the same wardrobe for everyone. Source: Nouf in wonderland Blog

Create a unique piece of furniture

Superfront The Superfront brand is known for customizing your Ikea furniture and your standard furniture to make it unique. Beyond the patterns and reliefs to put on your closet doors, the brand offers vintage and original handles to add to your wardrobe.

Pop door knobs

Blog design love fest On this blog, we learn how to personalize wooden door knobs in just 15 minutes! Result? Irresistible small decorative accessories to enhance an entrance closet or hallway for example. You can then hang pompoms on it for an extra touch of fantasy. Source: Design love fest