Yellow in the bathroom

Yellow in the bathroom

Yellow goes well in the bathroom. Whether applied with small touches, on an entire wall or in a more subtle way with patterned tiles or bath linen, this shade awakens the space and naturally lights up the room. Here is our selection of bathrooms that use this color to inspire you before restyling your room.

A soothing pale yellow

Stephen Clement Yellow is not always a very pronounced color. The proof, in this bathroom, it is enough erased to create a Zen atmosphere conducive to relaxation in the 1940s. The little extra? The floor mosaic that awakens space.

Color splashes

Delpha You don't want to repaint your entire bathroom in yellow? Slip splashes of color into small decorative objects (toothbrush glass, vase, soap dish, etc.) and into bath linen (bath mat, towels, etc.) to add pep to a slightly dark room. .

An original shelf

Leroy Merlin This Leroy Merlin furniture is painted young inside, which creates an interesting relief and enhances your beauty products. It is installed like a partition between a bathtub and a sink for example, so that you can more easily use the bathroom for two.

Vitamin drawers

Hightail Spaces / Gregg de Maza Same trick here since the architect Gregg de Maza chose these immaculate drawers whose interior is painted in a pop yellow. This allows to bring a little color to the bathroom without completely renovating the room.

Paint a section of wall

Cuisinella In a sober or monochrome bathroom, painting a section of wall in yellow can significantly brighten up the room with the least stroke. And you risk getting tired of the color of your room.

A harmonious piece

Unique Home This bathroom has a yellow toilet, cupboards and shower for perfect visual harmony. The piece is original but is not too conspicuous since the rest of the decoration is quite sober.

A playful bathroom

Leroy Merlin To prevent children from balking at bath time, decorate your room with colored elements, such as a shower curtain, storage bins or a stool for the little ones. It immediately makes you want to dive into the bathtub. Do you have an unsightly visible radiator? Paint it yellow!

Have a colorful vanity

Sediarreda Another technique for putting color in the bathroom: opt for a yellow vanity unit that you will not see in everyone. Choose it in a lacquered finish, shiny or not, depending on the style of your room.

Yellow chick facades

Castorama No need to have an entirely yellow bathroom furniture. You can absolutely choose a storage unit with only the doors or one of the sides colored like this very practical corner unit in a narrow bathroom.

Repainting your partition

Leroy Merlin If you have a separation in your bathroom, which makes it possible to distinguish two spaces, repainting it in yellow can literally transform the atmosphere of the room. Consider adding mirrors to visually enlarge the space.

A Moroccan bathroom

Delux Valentine For an oriental style in the bathroom, honey yellow walls are mixed with drapes and patterned wall coverings. Prefer metal accessories to complete the look of the room and add small travel items such as glass bottles or colored boxes.

Bring out a corner of the room

Cuisinella Corners are sometimes a real headache in the bathroom. Instead of taking them as a flu, highlight them using a nice yellow color and a corner cabinet for example, which will allow you to store your linens.

A poetic toilet area

Leroy Merlin If your toilet is located in your bathroom, it doesn't have to be decorative! With bright yellow walls and a quote sticker, you will make this space an unusual little corner, which may mark your guests.

Changing your shower curtain

Home Maison Generally, the shower curtain remains the same for years… However, it gets dirty faster than you think. So don't forget to buy another one to give your bathroom a facelift. This minimalist model brings just the right amount of yellow to catch the eye.

A graphic bathroom

Castorama In this small bathroom, we play on shapes and lines. Whether with tiles or paint, yellow goes very well in the bathroom. To have a graphic look, you choose a different pose or application on each wall.

An original bathroom

Unique Home Yellow is everywhere in this bathroom, and yet it is not aggressive. On the shower tiles, on the basin or on the facades of storage elements, it punctuates the decor for sunny awakenings!

Accessorize the room

Leroy Merlin In the bathroom, the key to a successful decor is to harmonize its various accessories. For example, here the soap dish, the toothbrush glass and the foam thumb are from the same range as the shower curtain.

A rock'n'roll shower

Van Staeyen Tiling is not only intended to be plain. It can form funny patterns, like this XXL flash in this walk-in shower. One thing is certain, your guests will hurry to take a shower in the morning!

Bright storage bins

Leroy Merlin To save space in a small bathroom, you can alternate closed and open storage. Play on the relief and the colors like these cubes to fix on the walls, to which you can add a door or put a yellow storage box.