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10 original DIY around the herbarium theme

10 original DIY around the herbarium theme

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Vegetals are invited into our homes and the Scandinavian design has given way to a green or even lush decoration. No wonder therefore that the herbaria are also making a strong comeback, echoing the jungle wallpaper, household linen with floral prints or even the craze for depolluting plants, cacti and perennials. Thanks to the herbariums, you extend your prettiest bouquets but you can also collect flowers on the places of your holidays to cherish these memories all year long. Not to do everything like everyone else, we have selected 10 DIY that dare the variations around the herbarium and adapt this trend with originality.


Monsters Circus What if the harvested leaves were diverted to become creative media? This is the idea of ​​this DIY which consists of braiding a palm leaf by sliding the ends one under the other. All that remains is to place the creation under glass like a work of art Source: Monsters Circus


The Merry Thought Collecting plants in the press is old-fashioned. The proof with this minimalist presentation made using a metal rod which delicately curves the plant. A white wire and a nail are then enough to hang it on the wall. Source: The Merry Thought

Under glass

Lili in Wonderland With this framed herbarium, your dried plants and flowers no longer mop up between sheets of paper. Thanks to a glass and brass frame, they become the queens of decoration! A DIY as simple as it is effective. Source: Lili in Wonderland


A Cardboard dream With a herbarium, we carefully store dried leaves. In this modern model, paper replaces plants for an even more personal composition. Vary the colors, patterns and even textures to give style to your paper plants! Source: A Cardboard dream


Twig and Toadstool With a home made paste based on baking soda, cornstarch and water, this blogger has found the ideal medium to highlight her dried flowers and plants collected all summer long. She then decided to pierce the dough to slip a wire into it and make elements that could hang. Source: Twig and Toadstool


Thank you Raoul You've probably seen Sarah K. Benning's vegetable embroidery on Pinterest. In the same spirit but more accessible to novices, this blogger offers us a detailed tutorial to embroider a plant using a drum. To accentuate the herbarium effect, we advise you to hang it on the wall. Source: Thank you Raoul


Miss Kati O. To make this DIY, you have to start by picking up a few leaves in a park or forest and then drying them. So far, nothing very different from a herbarium. But these sheets will actually serve as models for sculpting an eraser which, accompanied by colored inks, will act as a stamp. Source: Miss Kati O.


La Fabutineuse We love the idea that our dried leaves are not ordinary. With this DIY, they will be able to evoke another famous collection: the butterfly display case! By using ginkgo leaves and Posca felts, the prickly insects take shape before our eyes. Source: La Fabutineuse


Idea cabin To reproduce this DIY garland, start by drying leaves and flowers. You can decorate them with glitter felt or leave them as they are. Then make simple knots around the rod with rope and then hold it using masking tape. Source: Idea cabin