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How to recycle old magazines as decorative objects?

How to recycle old magazines as decorative objects?

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Laminated magazines during the summer tend to pile up on a side table in your vacation home or to be thrown away when read. To give them a second life, however, there are many tips. You can also transform them into an ottoman, a pretty wall wreath, a shopping bag or a basket or to decorate a photo frame or even make an original Christmas tree. Here are the best ideas we have found.

Vintage envelopes

Angela Hamilton

To send your holiday mail and postcards, consider recycling your magazines and newspapers. Cut out the pages that interest you and glue them together to form an envelope in the format you want. Source: Kanelstrand Blog

Walls have ears


In the Swedish agency Oktavilla, there are colorful partitions! These are formed with thousands of stacked magazines. It is a good alternative to wall covering, and this, for a minimum budget. It remains to have as many magazines on hand!

Make a small tote

How about orange

You can make a small shopping bag to do your shopping or use it as a handbag, using the pages of old magazines. It's up to you to choose the columns that you like the most and to assemble them to form a shopping bag, to which you will add chairs as handles. Source: Asian Town Blog

A decorative storage compartment

Crab + Fish Blog

In an entrance hall, there is often a storage compartment to store your keys, daily mail or change. But, the latter is not always very decorative. From magazine clippings, the Crab and Fish blog offers you a Do It Yourself to create a colorful one. You can also use it as a basket. Source: Crab + Fish Blog

Make an unusual pocket

Brico Deco Blog

Another accessory to make with old magazines already read: a feminine pocket. You can use it as a mini handbag, as a makeup bag or to offer an original handmade gift. Once the object is made, it will be necessary to add a hanse and a zipper. Source: Brico Déco Blog

A practical and eco-friendly basket

Recycling your magazines does not only create cool objects for the home. It is also a way to reduce waste and make accessories in an ecological way with recycled materials. On this blog, we invite you to weave a basket of newspaper yourself, to accommodate bread or condiments. Source: Blog Home dzine

Create an unusual stool

Blog The Blaise's brunettes

This Do It Yourself does not require cutting your magazines but simply grouping them to form a circle. You will then create an unusual stool, to be placed in a living room, an office or even a bedroom. You can even use this piece of furniture as a bedside table. Only condition: that your newspapers are not wrinkled. Source: Blog The Blaise's brunettes

Customize your flower pot

Dabbles & Babbles Blog

The trend is towards the personalization of everyday objects. And that's good since there are a multitude of DIY to embellish its accessories, like this one, which allows you to create an industrial flower pot from a tin can and newspaper. Be careful, however, to place it well inside so that it does not take water. Source: Dabbles & Babbles Blog

A Christmas tree like no other

Lucile tchaoupine Blog

To surprise your family and your guests, make your Christmas tree with… magazines! Ideal in a studio or a narrow living room, this Christmas tree is colorful and unusual. Something to impress young and old. Source: Blog Lucile tchaoupine


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