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A dream house in the middle of Mexican nature

A dream house in the middle of Mexican nature

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In the protected bay of Soliman in Mexico, the architectural firm Specht Harpman and the interior designer Matthew Finlason imagined Casa Xixim, a luxurious house that rhymes with respect for the environment. A designer jewel that aims to immerse in nature while being self-sufficient and respectful of its spectacular setting. A unique achievement.

A sharing space

Casa Xixim / Taggart Sorensen On the ground floor, the living room wants to be convivial. The house can accommodate no less than 12 people, the living room and the dining room emphasize the space so that everyone can meet. This translates into a huge warm sofa, natural materials and soft colors.

An open kitchen

Casa Xixim / Taggart Sorensen On the kitchen side, space is also in order with a dining table worthy of a feast that offers itself as material a superb raw wood and benches to surround it and make the atmosphere even more convivial. . The kitchen blends naturally into the decor thanks to the choice of wood. In this space, the focus is of course on recycling and composting.

Climate management

Casa Xixim / Taggart Sorensen The living room can be opened through to benefit from the incredible light of the bay. The opening on both sides brings freshness by creating a draft and the room can also be closed by wooden screens in order to limit the effect of the sun.

Rooms open to the sea

Casa Xixim / Taggart Sorensen In the same way, the rooms can be fully opened: we take advantage of the volumes, the climate but also the breathtaking view of the bay. The space can be made private by wooden screens. Again, the focus was on natural materials to best respect the environment.

Local decoration

Casa Xixim / Taggart Sorensen In terms of decoration, the entire house was designed with respect for the environment. This is why the decoration has a certain minimalism and goes to the essentials while offering perfect comfort. As for decorative accessories, they highlight the local culture.

An environmentally friendly bathroom

Casa Xixim / Taggart Sorensen In the warm bathroom where wood also invites itself, respect for the environment is put forward. In fact, the roof collects rainwater.

An almost entirely open house

Casa Xixim / Taggart Sorensen Upstairs as well as on the ground floor, the house opens almost entirely to the outside so as to take advantage of the view, facilitate communication between spaces and cool the house as well as possible. The upstairs bedrooms open onto a pleasant balcony which allows them to be connected. The openings can be managed by the inhabitants thanks to wooden panels for more privacy.

A house to be in harmony with nature

Casa Xixim / Taggart Sorensen In the bedrooms as in the rest of the house, the spirit is natural, in harmony with the landscape that surrounds it. The decoration therefore invites relaxation and a more serene lifestyle.

The sun as an ally

Casa Xixim / Taggart Sorensen Lastly, if the sun delights the inhabitants, it also makes it possible to supply the whole house with electricity thanks to solar panels which are installed on the terrace and which make it possible to provide shade. A useful and ingenious two-in-one system. More info: