Black and wood cuisine: we dare!

Black and wood cuisine: we dare!

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A wooden kitchen

Sagne Kitchens

If you like kitchens made entirely of wood, consider adding a few black elements to create a nice contrast and bring out the natural grooves of the material. For example, a splashback painted black or slate like black bar stools will bring a touch of design.

A wooden worktop


A black kitchen is established, preferably, in a bright room. To bring an extra touch of light, the wooden worktop is a good solution and will be very easy to clean. We love the wooden niches and the sliding storage with wooden interior.

A very black kitchen


Here, all of the closets and appliances are black. The island and the credenza are also painted in the same deep color. To enhance everything, a wooden snack corner has been installed. We love the bright frieze that lights up the kitchen more.

A wooden kitchen with a black worktop


The Alexia de But kitchen offers wooden storage units and a large black worktop, which extends into a small dining area. The advantage? The space is not heavier and there is visual continuity at the work surface.

Black and wood storage


In the Compact kitchen signed SoCoo'c, the cupboard doors are black but the interior and the outline of the furniture are made of wood. This mixture of colors is ideal in a narrow kitchen or in a studio. The tiled splashback and the colored wall awaken the space.

Dark wood in the kitchen

Sagne Kitchens

It doesn't look like that, but this kitchen has black elements and others in very dark wood. The difference in texture between the lacquered facades and the coarser parts is very aesthetic. Prefer a sink, a credenza and a stainless steel worktop to go with this very design style.

A black dining area


If you want to have a dining area or a counter in your wooden kitchen, choose it in a black color to contrast with the rest of the room. To boost everything, stools of different colors are welcome.

A section of black wall in a light wooden kitchen


There are several types of wood. In this room, the light wood can accommodate black kitchen elements that do not darken the space too much. The black handles and the wall panel in the same shade are irresistible decorative details.

Solid wood parquet


A black kitchen can quickly become dull if it is not enhanced by the wall or floor covering. Here, the solid wood floors and the white brick wall bring light behind the stoves.