A warm and colorful house in Sao Paulo

A warm and colorful house in Sao Paulo

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The challenge of Galeria Arquitetos? Rethink a narrow house to ensure fluidity and light while providing a comfortable space. Casa Pirajibe becomes warm and intimate for a house with a sunny spirit. Make way for color with a visit in pictures!

A plant wall as a special feature

Galeria Arquitetos / Leka Mendes One of the peculiarities of the house is that it is practically glued to a wall, which gives one of the facades (that of the entrance) an important opposite. To offer a decorative solution to this drawback, the architect imagined a ceramic plant wall which then preserves the habitat from the heat while offering a pleasant view.

Cozy pieces

Galeria Arquitetos / Leka Mendes The entrance leads directly into the living room with the advantage of offering an opening towards the front which gives brightness and two openings on the plant wall for the natural and original tone of the house. Inside, make way for a warm and colorful decoration with objects a bit offbeat like funny cushions. The furniture plays the vintage card, mainly with wooden models on feet for a 50 spirit.

A long shot

Galeria Arquitetos / Leka Mendes The plan of the house continues in a row with a dining / kitchen area which retains the same original style as the living room with a retro tile floor and a wooden table with bistro chairs. The large openings then provide good light.

Red bricks and retro posters

Galeria Arquitetos / Leka Mendes Part of the kitchen puts even more emphasis on the retro atmosphere of the apartment with a red brick wall which is decorated with old advertisements, retro boxes and other atypical objects for a decor smiling and colorful.

Neat materials

Galeria Arquitetos / Leka Mendes Between the living room and the dining / kitchen area, the staircase leads upstairs and highlights another feature of the decor, which is the choice of materials. Like the beautiful typical Brazilian ceramic used for the green wall, the house is adorned with warm wood for parquet floors and other woodwork. A contrast with the white of the walls which brings both warmth and light.

A room which opens onto a balcony

Galeria Arquitetos / Leka Mendes Although the facade is narrow, it is nonetheless pierced by large openings and one of the sides even has balconies on each floor. The bedroom opens onto the outside thanks to large picture windows. Wood is also omnipresent, as is color (thanks to the bedspread only) and the retro inspiration found in the lower part of the house. Where vintage trends and exoticism go hand in hand.

Toilets that are not left behind

Galeria Arquitetos / Leka Mendes Place bold walls in the toilets where patterns and colors combine for a playful space. The architect and the owner have allowed themselves a strong reason to energize the space and make people forget its small size.

A bathroom opposite

Galeria Arquitetos / Leka Mendes Conversely, the bathroom offers an almost immaculate decor, where only wood warms the atmosphere, for a pure and bright spirit that invites relaxation as a return to basics .

A surprise on the roof

Galeria Arquitetos / Leka Mendes From the upper corridor, a magic hatch reveals a ladder giving access to a pleasant roof terrace which completes the terrace on the ground floor. The inhabitants of this red house, which is not quite like the others, therefore have a real panoramic view. More info:


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