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7 decorative hotels in Mexico City

7 decorative hotels in Mexico City

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If you plan to stay in Mexico, be sure to stay for one night or a few days in one of these 7 hotels in the capital. Whether they represent Mexico through its history and its colonial buildings or with all the modernity that the city knows today, one thing is certain, they are places that will not disappoint you. An overview in pictures of the 7 most fashionable decoration hotels in Mexico City.

The Downtown Hotel: the colonial spirit revisited

Downtown Hotel This hotel belonging to Grupo Habita, which is championing the new boutique hotels in Mexico, is located in the historic center of the city. A magnificent patio combining arcades, columns, checkerboard floor and contemporary design furniture, takes place at the heart of the hotel when a roof terrace with swimming pool, very contemporary, welcomes you with a bird's eye view of the city.

Authentic and refined rooms

Hotel Downtown The 17 rooms are furnished in a sublime colonial building from the 17th century in a very chic taste. We like here the mixture of contemporary purity and authentic materials of the ceilings or walls. The soul of the place has been preserved to create cozy cocoons, almost all different.

Room Mate Valentina: colorful and sparkling!

Hotel Room Mate Valentina The Room Mate Valentina opts for a very contemporary style where colorful, fresh and light design stands out here as a way of life. The rooms are spacious (from 38 to 60m²) and ultra-modern. We like the positive spirit that reigns in the place, like the breakfast served until noon. Located in the very cosmopolitan and lively area of ​​the zona Rosa, 15-20 minutes walk from the historic center.

The Marquis Reforma: Art Deco and luxury

Marquis Reforma Hotel At the Marquis Reforma, you are captivated by the Art Deco architecture of the place. A majestic hall opening onto a staircase that is just as much sets the tone: here, everything is only luxury, everywhere. The rooms are decorated in a modern style, with high-end wooden furniture and marble bathrooms.

A luxurious spa

Hotel Marquis Reforma The icing on the cake, the hotel spa, a true haven of peace, opens its doors to you on 1500m² of well-being! Treatment rooms, jacuzzi, sauna and relaxation pool come together in a luxurious setting, made of marble and a multitude of details of very high standing that we appreciate.

Habita Hotel: contemporary design and rooftop

Ten Arquitectos The Habita boutique hotel, also belonging to Grupo Habita, is an exceptional place with its flawless rooftop and decor. Entirely imagined and decorated by TEN Arquitectos, Enrique Norten and Bernardo Gómez Pimienta, this hotel benefits from all modern comforts (dream pool and contemporary charm: the ultra-modern decor is soothing, refined without being cold. Ideal for visiting Mexico City in all its modernity.

The Distrito Capital: the penthouse spirit

Distrito Capital Hotel We fall for the urban chic decor of the Distrito Capital, installed in a huge glass tower in the Santa Fe district. Here, no bright colors but shades of gray, white and black that blend perfectly with the large glazed openings on the city. We like this penthouse side, perfectly executed by the architect and decorator Joseph Dirand.

Design bathroom open to the city

Hôtel Distrito Capital We really like the layout of the bathrooms, which open onto the city thanks to large bay windows. This rectilinear bathtub, entirely covered with mosaic, thus revisits the traditional hammam in an assumed contemporary spirit and the result is stunning!

La Valise: a luxury micro hotel

La Valise Hotel If you are planning a stay in Mexico City, consider a stopover in La Valise. This tiny hotel with three suites is the design place par excellence, imagined by the Frenchman Emmanuel Picault, who has taken up residence in Colonia Roma, a hip neighborhood in Mexico City. In a 1920s house, we love to be surprised by this decor that mixes genres with brillo. Favorite for the monumental sculpture holder of the Luna suite.


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