10 solutions to hide your wardrobe

10 solutions to hide your wardrobe

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You are not a follower of the trend that reveals absolutely all the content of your wardrobe? You are not alone. Here are 10 solutions in pictures to help you hide or make your wardrobe discreet.

Tone on tone in an alcove

IKEA If you have an alcove in your bedroom, install your wardrobe in the extension of the wall. If it does not protrude over the rest of the room, it will be much less visible.

By creating a color scheme

IKEA Play with colors! Here, we hardly notice the blue wardrobe. It is simply because it matches the blue separation wall very well.

Sliding doors

Kvik Why not hide your dressing room under elegant black and white sliding doors, for a very chic two-tone effect.

Using it as part separation

Schmidt If you use your wardrobe as a wall, a partition, it will attract less attention.

Hiding it behind a curtain

IKEA It is certainly the simplest solution. Hide your open wardrobe behind a pretty curtain. In addition to masking your dressing room, the textile will add a cozy touch to your bedroom.

By not using any element in height

Schmidt It is the tall furniture that attracts the most attention. If you can easily do without a wardrobe, use only low storage furniture and no one will suspect the existence of a dressing room in your room.

By integrating it into the decoration

Mobalpa To be discreet, sometimes you have to know how to be absolutely obvious. This Mobalpa wardrobe is the perfect example. Colorful and completely integrated into the decor structure of the bedroom, you hardly notice the dressing room.

By choosing sober and assorted colors

Mobalpa Make your dressing room very discreet by choosing fairly neutral door colors.

Using an entire room

AM. PM / La Redoute This is the most obvious solution, the one that everyone dreams of: devoting an entire room to a dressing room is still the best way to hide it. Without using a space as large as in the image, do you think you can use at home 2 or 3 square meters and transform it into a dressing room?