Which carpet for my living room?

Which carpet for my living room?

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In decoration, the carpet is a centerpiece that should not be taken lightly. In the living room, it is generally essential to set the tone for the space. Whether small or XXL, neutral or colored, patterned or plain, or even in length, it is an undeniable asset to personalize your interior. Here are several rugs installed in living rooms to help you find the one that is right for you.

Overlay multiple rugs

Habitat If you have a very large living room or a spacious living room, warm the space with several embroidered rugs that are thick enough that you can overlap in places. This kind of patchwork gives a unique style to the room and remains much more comfortable!

A gray carpet

BoConcept Gray is THE trendy shade of the moment. It is found in all rooms of the house and covers all furniture and decorative accessories. On a carpet, it gives charm and a certain elegance to a modern living room.

A striped and colorful carpet

Delamaison In a pop room, nothing like a colorful carpet but who knows how to remain discreet to highlight the other decorative objects in the room such as small furniture or photo frames hanging on the walls. We love the glass coffee table which allows you to enjoy the carpet more.

A fluffy carpet Beyond its decorative aspect, a carpet is said to be comfortable and pleasant. This immaculate model combines both characteristics and gives a Nordic style to the living room. You can also use it to create a play corner for the children so that they are near you in the living room.

A long carpet

Loup This model signed by the Loup brand is quite original due to its long shape. You can install it along a wall, under a table or a sideboard or in front of your sofa. In a white room, its patterns and colors will be more highlighted.

A carpet of several colors

Ikea Here is a structured but nevertheless original model since it sports several colors. In the living room, it will find its place with warm furniture built in noble materials such as wood or leather.

A fluorescent carpet To add some pep to a small living room, consider playing with colors. Here, the carpet awakens the space and brings out more classic furniture like this light gray sofa and Scandinavian style coffee tables.

An animal skin rug

Alinéa If you like the rustic style or want to recreate the atmosphere of a mountain chalet in your living room, opt for a rug in the shape of an animal skin like this model signed Alinéa. Change of scenery guaranteed!

A natural carpet

Scandinavian cocktail In a modern and bright room, this rug fits perfectly into the decor, in a natural and soothing style conducive to reading and relaxation. All you have to do is sit comfortably in an armchair, book in hand.

An original carpet

Conforama Are stripes and patterns too often seen for your taste? Dare to zigzag! You will get a style that is out of the ordinary. To avoid creating an excessively variegated universe, choose a carpet of the same color as your sofa or your flooring.

An ethnic carpet

Rock the kilim The ethnic style is very trendy in the house. In a living room, it is ideal for bringing color and a touch of exoticism. Its shimmering colors and patterns encourage you to travel, that's why it is to be preferred in a living room where one relaxes.

Highlight your coffee table

Conforama The coffee table is a must in the living room. To highlight it well, bet on a carpet that contrasts with it both in terms of texture and color. Here, blue gives a Nordic atmosphere thanks to the light wooden table.

A real cowhide!

KSL Living In this living room, the cowhide carpet makes all the decoration! But to install this kind of XXL room, it is better to have an all-white and very refined living room, under penalty of brushing against the lack of taste. The little extra? Have matching cushions.

A large Berber carpet Do you like walking around barefoot in your home? Do you want your children to be able to play on the floor in the living room? Opt for a large Berber carpet that covers the entire room. The afternoon and the family pampering weekends are yours!

A gradient carpet

BoConcept If you hesitate between a patterned rug and a plain model, find a compromise: a gradient rug! There are all materials with different shades depending on the style of your living room. However, be careful to maintain your model if it contains white.

A patterned rug

Conforama In this living room, the patterned rug offers a resolutely trendy and rather feminine style. With graphic cushions and a small colorful side table, it is an integral part of the room's look.

A clear carpet

Conforama No need to choose a colorful carpet if your living room is rustic in style for example. With raw materials such as natural stone and a fireplace, prefer a large carpet in beige or off-white tones, which you will not forget to clean regularly.

A unique carpet Why choose a single shade when you can have several? Here, the carpet greatly contributes to the pastel decoration of the living room, by displaying different blue, pink and purple colors. It's up to you to find the right sofa and cushions to go with it.

A graphic carpet

Ikea This embroidered and graphic rug brightens the reading corner of a living room or a discreet coffee table. Combine it with pop armchairs and colorful furniture to create a fun and friendly space to have a drink with friends.


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