Get inspired by the most beautiful children's rooms spotted on Pinterest

Get inspired by the most beautiful children's rooms spotted on Pinterest

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Who said that children, no matter how young, were not entitled to a well-decorated room? On the contrary ! On Pinterest, there are a multitude of universes parading before our eyes. Bohemian, Scandinavian, colorful or even girly atmosphere, the choice is so vast that each of you should find something to be inspired. We have made a selection of the most beautiful rooms presented on Pinterest.

Bohemian adventurer

Country Style by Alicia Taylor Sober colors and natural materials create an atmosphere that is as soft as it is warm. In addition, decorative accessories such as the kite or the clouds will help your little one to work his imagination, and why not get away? Source: Atelier Rue Verte

Attic universe Fancy an original and practical space for your little ones? Then this room is made for you. We place the sleeping area under the attic part of the room so as not to lose space, while keeping the rest of the area free for their favorite activities. We love ! Source: Other than that ...

The cozy moment

La Redoute Here is a cozy little nest that will be happy to welcome your children. Pastel shades, comforter, light garland and retro furniture: the ideal recipe for a simple and chic bedroom. Better yet, in addition to satisfying a child, this room will also make the happiness of a teenager. Source: MLC's Decoration Blog

Rose shades

Maisons du Monde Girly-chic atmosphere for this princess bedroom in the making! Mixture of pastel pink, geometric shapes and accumulation of cushions offer a cocooning universe. No doubt your daughter will be jealous! Source: Anything is possible

In-room child-green

Lago Here is a room that will delight all little boys: brick wall loft effect, skate board, teepee, high bed cocoon effect ... there is no shortage of details and decorative accessories! We keep the green on the wall which signifies the bed space and the lawn effect carpet on the floor. Source: Petit and small

White & wood

Julien Fernandez This room proves that wood also adapts perfectly to children's rooms! We mix it and we have fun with: wood, bamboo, rattan, wicker, paper ... Dare to play the card of naturalness and authenticity in the space of your toddler. Source: Fancy

Star wall

Sissy + Marley Don't be afraid to mix different patterns in the same space! And if there is a place where you can play eccentricity, it is in a child's room. Special mention for the combination of gray and pink! Source: Project Nursery

Playing on diversity

Marion Lanoë The advantage of this decoration: it appeals to both boys and girls. A pastel wall and yellow accessories to give character and voila, your little ones will be won over! We also prick the idea of ​​the development of a room in length. Source: Marion Lanoë

In the clouds

AM.PM An impression of a star-star? The firmament wallpaper, the small cloud mirrors and the full moon pendant lights will put your children to sleep in an astral and enchanting space. From now on, they are free to dream bigger ... Source: MC-blog decoration