30 garden fountains to beautify the exterior

30 garden fountains to beautify the exterior

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In stainless steel version with LED


Polished Stainless Steel Ball Fountain with LED lighting, Primrose, 330.99 euros

Stone imitation

Garden fountain Kozani Ubbink,, 198 euros

In raised version


Here the idea is the same but we opt for a raised model to awaken the luxury and chic of your exterior. Cordoba Ubbink garden fountain, Fnac, 305 euros

Chic sobriety


Perfect for giving a chic graphic touch, bet on a slightly raised model with sober shapes and colors that will enhance your garden. New York Fountain, Oogarden, 269 euros

Clean and design


For a designer garden fountain, choose a refined model and quality materials. Sober and chic, stay in gray and black tones for more elegance. Sonora garden fountain, Ubbink, Cdiscount, 415 euros



Dress one of the exterior walls of your house by installing a beautiful fountain ideal for relaxing by listening to the sound of a slight waterfall. César Black water fountain, Jardincenter, 7,115 euros.

Stainless waterfall

Trendy and resolutely modern, a stainless steel fountain model immediately gives a trendy touch to your exterior. Genova Ubbink garden fountain, Garden pond, 783 euros.



A minimalist design, sober and refined forms ... it takes no more to let yourself be charmed by this interesting garden fountain subtly combining modernity, elegance and refinement. It will fit perfectly in a very structured garden. Vicenza Castorama garden fountain, 305 euros



Very aesthetic, a slate fountain will bring a touch of discreet originality which will reveal the charm of your garden. Slate outdoor fountain, Pierra, Price upon request

A stroke of madness


Have no limits, and make your garden a festive place to live by installing a fun and original fountain. We love! Léopold Fountain, Jardincenter, € 6,977.50

Make room for design


an elegant fountain that will dress an outdoor tap on a residential wall. Very easy to install, take the opportunity to bring an extra touch of color to your garden. Myrtifolia fountain in Laorus, concept garden, 429 euros

In mini version


A model similar to the previous one ... but in XS version. Perfect for small terraces! Myrtifolia 60 fountain by Laorus,, 180 euros



Ideal for pond enthusiasts and small budgets, pay tribute to tradition with a tilting bamboo fountain. Bamboo fountain, Oogarden, 50.95 euros


Do you have a large garden? Why not treat yourself to a majestic outdoor fountain decorated with lions. She will not leave anyone indifferent, that's for sure! Large garden fountain Luzern Ubbink,, 427 euros.

Imperial with Lighting


A similar version but with LED lighting that will allow you to enjoy an illuminated garden at night. Imperial Lion Fountain with LED Lighting, Primrose, 329.99 euros

Zen Master


Take a nap in the shade of your trees while listening to the gentle sounds of water from a fountain: the perfect recipe for a moment of peace and serenity! Especially when your outdoor fountain is Buddha. Semarang Buddha garden fountain, Castorama, 189 euros

An Asian wind

More original than a Buddha fountain, opt for a fountain representing an Asian warrior. It will decorate wonderfully a basin sheltering some Koï carps. Garden fountain Ubbink Asian Warrior,, 294 euros


Bring a touch of madness to your garden with an unusual fountain, inspired by the statutes of Easter Island! Orito Ubbink garden fountain,, 234 euros

In mini format

Even the terraces have the right to their fountain! In this case, opt for mini and simple models that will allow you to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Mini Ubbink square garden pond, available in 3 colors,, 191 euros

In rounded version

Garden fountain or mini pond brand Ubbink. Available in 3 colors: gray white or black., 163 euros

Poetic realism

For nature lovers, install a realistic fountain in the middle of your plants to create a poetic atmosphere. Detroit Ubbink garden fountain little girl at the fountain,, 159 euros

The charm of simplicity

Simple and elegant, a classic amphora-shaped fountain allows visitors to focus on the essentials: the beauty and charm of your garden. ORANGE garden fountain, Ubbink,, 125 euros

A touch of yesteryear


Pots, vases, amphorae, divert traditional objects from your garden to give an original touch to your fountain. Here the patinated pots brings a real touch of charm. Stacked pot fountain with lamps, Primrose, 309.99 euros



Join the useful to the pleasant by installing a cascading fountain model that also serves as a planter for your plants. A clever way to integrate your outdoor fountain into your garden. Cascade Daintree Planter - Black, Primrose, € 99.99

Classic and retro


For a classic inspired fountain, nothing will enhance your garden more than a model with a cast iron appearance with two superimposed basins. A traditional chic that we always love autan! Fontaine Maret 2 Levels, Primrose, 119.99 euros

Illuminated waterfall


What could be more relaxing than a gentle waterfall noise? But opt ​​for an original stone effect model with LED lighting! Waterfall Waterfall Stone Effect 5 Levels with LED Lighting, Primrose, 139.99 euros

Corten steel!


Little known, Corten steel has everything to seduce you. It creates a surface layer of rust as the water flows, oxidizing the surface of your fountain and allowing it to become rustproof and weather resistant! Water Wall in Corten Steel with LED Lighting, Primrose, 539.99 euros.

Minimalist in Corten


There are also models of smaller fountains that can be installed even on your small Corten steel terrace. Three Tubes Fountain in Corten Steel with LED Lights, Primrose, 244.99 euros

Imitation rocks

Imposing, opt for a rock-like outdoor fountain to give a wild and untamed look to your garden. Cleveland Ubbink garden fountain,, 1349 euros.


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