Joséphine: a vintage and cozy hotel in the heart of Paris

Joséphine: a vintage and cozy hotel in the heart of Paris

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Ideally located in the heart of the 9th district, the Joséphine hotel pays homage to the Roaring Twenties and the artists' Montmartre. Here we are invited. The walls have a history and the decoration, far from the hotel conformism, invites to dive headlong into the past. Completely furnished by interior designer Julie Gauthron, the place has preserved an authentic soul without forgetting modern comfort and a few touches of contemporary design. The icing on the cake: the hotel, which belongs to the Happy Culture group, invites you every late afternoon, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., to come and taste cocktails from the 1930s at the hotel bar!

A retro and delicate decor

Hotel Joséphine From the reception, the tone is set. The floral patterns and natural colors of the magnificent wallpapers invade this space to bring it a cozy breath.

An open source library

Hôtel Joséphine On the ground floor, we love the vintage library that welcomes us. Here, we come to rest, read a book drawn from the shelves or enjoy happy time with sweets at the end of the day.

Passage of the artists

Hôtel Joséphine In the corridors, pop tones mixed with the imagination of the roaring twenties dominate. A decor that is both graphic and cozy that seems obvious in a neighborhood where painting, cabarets and avant-garde have taken their marks!

A tangy triple room

Hôtel Joséphine On the upper floors, the colorful rooms are carefully decorated. The large triple room is a shade of pink, orange and yellow which gives this attic room a real identity.

Shade mosaic in the shower room

Hôtel Joséphine We like the green mosaic that peps up the shower room of the rooms, very modern while keeping an authentic side with a large frame mirror.

A retro and contemporary decor in the rooms

Hôtel Joséphine In the superior rooms, the decoration skilfully combines retro touches and contemporary furniture. Coral invites itself in tonic notes when the floral patterns of the wallpaper bring softness and nostalgia.

A colorful and vintage bathroom

Hôtel Joséphine Some rooms are equipped with a beautiful plum bathroom, supported by a few touches of bright yellow. Spacious, it has a very nice freestanding bath which reminds us of the Paris of yesteryear.

A small Parisian balcony

Hôtel Joséphine All room categories have some with a lovely balcony. We love the view over the rooftops of Paris, unbeatable!

A vaulted cellar with exposed stones

Hôtel Joséphine At the Hôtel Joséphine, you have breakfast in a magnificent vaulted cellar which has a lot of charm. The yellow bistro chairs as well as the designer furniture dress the place with a beautiful modernity but we do not forget the vintage look, with once again a delicate patterned paper that we love!


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