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Discovering the Paris metro

Discovering the Paris metro

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In Paris, taking the metro is a real adventure. The stations follow one another but are not alike: ephemeral decorations, artist frescoes, thematic decorations ... Whether you are Parisian or on vacation in Paris, we invite you to discover or rediscover the metro stations of the capital.


Denis Sutton ### The Argentine station has decided to highlight the country whose name it bears! So while waiting for the metro, you will have information cards at your disposal to discover the cultural identity of the country.


Denis Sutton ### The Duroc station is quickly transformed into Durock to pay homage to the Rock en Seine festival which takes place every year at the gates of Paris. This year, you will even have the pleasure of hearing a preview of the festival program.

Arts and Crafts

Denis Sutton ### The 3rd arrondissement station has copper plates instead of the usual earthenware tiles. The decor pays homage to the Conservatory of Arts and Crafts that the station serves.


D'home Productions ### The famous garden station pays tribute to history! When you wait for the metro, you will be able to see the events that have marked the last decades.