Foodshelf, Ora-ïto's cuisine for Scavolini

Foodshelf, Ora-ïto's cuisine for Scavolini

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Imagined by the fashionable designer Ora-Ïto, Foodshelf is a real revolution for the fitted kitchen offered by the Scavolini brand. Designed as an innovative response to new ways of living our interiors, it breaks the codes usually attributed to the living room or the kitchen, allowing the creation of mixed, open and generous spaces. The kitchen becomes flexible at will and takes advantage of shelves or bookcases as more classic furniture. In terms of colors, there are shades to die for, such as pretty blue gray or delicate taupe. An invitation to imagine a "new horizontal linearity" in which one frees oneself from codes. Overview in 10 images of combinations made with a Foodshelf kitchen.

A modular kitchen at will

Scavolini The designer started from an observation: one no longer saw the kitchen as a separate room but as part of the living room. Hence the idea of ​​being able to modulate it as desired, in particular by adding touches of color, customizable according to its interior and wooden shelves, like living room furniture.

Wood in warm touches

Scavolini In this large dining kitchen, we love the mix of colors and materials: lacquered doors, with extreme shine, invite themselves alongside light wooden elements with a warm texture. Finally, the doors of a pretty gray blue bring rhythm to the whole.

A unified kitchen and living room

Scavolini In its titanium gray version and positioned lengthwise on a wall, the open kitchen invites itself in perfect cohesion with the living room, designed with furniture of the same line but in their white version. A new dimension in cooking.

Volumes in the kitchen

Scavolini Colorful, punchy and a bit masculine, this Foddshelf kitchen has been composed as a graphic creation on the wall. Thanks to the many possibilities offered by the series, we were able to create volumes by playing on the shelves and the orange-yellow color, sparkling, brought as an element of contrast with the matt gray.

A refined loft spirit with a gray and matte kitchen

Scavolini Played in its sleek, matte and very urban version, the Foodshelf here plays on unity with large side storage and a friendly central island, topped by an elegant designer pendant lamp. A very urban setting, ideal in a loft with generous spaces.

The library moves into the kitchen

Scavolini Here is a composition of the foodshelf which perfectly represents the spirit of this new generation cuisine. A library is a continuation of traditional elements, which mix a delicate mole with pure white, to create a warm and contemporary piece, far from the clinical side of conventional kitchens.

An open kitchen without demarcation

Scavolini In this kitchen open to the living room, the separation is not rigid. We love this elegant interweaving between living room and kitchen space which plays on uniqueness while being rhythmic, with modules of different colors and an integrated high table.

Double-sided furniture

Scavolini Presented in its white lacquered version, we like here the columns which modulate the space in an ultra-optimized way. The storage column hides a side library opening onto the living room. Ideal for small spaces.

A kitchen that dresses the wall to the ceiling

Scavolini Sweet and Scandinavian-inspired, this foodshelf composition delicately adorns a wall to the ceiling. We like the light wooden liners which bring warmth to the lacquered whole, like the choice of sky blue modules used asymmetrically.