We dare the color on the front door

We dare the color on the front door

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The front door is used daily, and yet it is not always highlighted. With a simple vitamin color, a retro look or even a personalized touch, the door of your interior can become much more welcoming for your guests and pleasant from the neighborhood. It is also a way to assert your personality from the doorstep of your house. Here is our selection of residences that set the tone right at your doorstep!

Shine on the landing

Blog The MLC decoration blog The door of this apartment shines brightly thanks to a pretty turquoise green varnish paint. Enough to make jealous on the landing! Be careful however to have a rather sober main entrance so that the first room of your interior is not too colorful. Source: Blog MLC's decoration blog

Playing on contrasts

Caséo If the walls of your house are colored, it is better not to paint your door in the same color but to distinguish it by using a sliced, more sober or lighter color. Also consider adding some accessories such as a lantern or a plant suspension that gives a charm to an entry.

Choose a glass door

Franciaflex It is a good compromise not to have an overly imposing door and to let more light into a narrow entrance. It is also ideal for adding a little color to a white door.

A futuristic door

Concept area Embark on a journey through time with this ultra modern door painted in duck green. This shade allows you to have plants and plants around your house in order to have a harmonious entrance.

A two-tone door

J&D Photography The color of the door of your house can also be matched with your main entrance. If it is two-tone, choose the lightest shade for your door, remembering to varnish the surface well so that it is less messy. Also think of wood which colors naturally and brings charm and authenticity. Source: Laura Trevey Blog

A passion red door

Concept area If you are lucky enough to have a house covered in ivy or painted in a light color, prefer a red door that will enhance your walls. A model with built-in windows like this one also makes it possible to enlarge the doorway and to have an even more welcoming entrance.

Opt for a designer door

Franciaflex At the entrance of a spacious house or loft, a contemporary door with a laced design like this is ideal. It immediately sets the tone of the decor style that we will find inside. The little extra? The handle in the same color as the door.

A purple door to stand out from the neighborhood

J&D Photography Would you like your house to be noticed throughout the neighborhood? Install a door in a deep purple that your neighbors cannot miss! To avoid it being too imposing, choose a glazed model to let in natural light. Source: Laura Trevey Blog

Crack for a girly door

Pompeli Blog The pale pink of this door gives it a feminine look but also gives a boudoir atmosphere to your main entrance. We love the moldings which are beautifully highlighted by the paint. Source: Pompeli Blog