A cocooning room thanks to knitting and knitting

A cocooning room thanks to knitting and knitting

In an adult bedroom, knitted objects are THE tendency to follow to make you a real cocoon to curl up all winter. On the program, wallpaper with a wool pattern, soft cushions, a fluffy plaid over a wool quilt or an inspiring wall hanging ... There is something to stay in bed to hibernate with impunity! Here is our selection of knitted objects in beautiful knits for a soft and resolutely cocooning atmosphere in the bedroom.

A blanket to warm the room

Maisons du Monde To be warm all winter long but also to give a Nordic chalet feel to the room, a knitted plaid is ideal. To put on a bedspread or on an armchair in the bedroom, and to match the knitted wool cushions with flake patterns.

A trompe-l'oeil table lamp

Becquet Here is a light that hides its game well. This table lamp has a knitted pattern when it is not made of fabric. It is the ideal object to install as a bedside lamp or next to a dressing table or a desk area to have a subdued atmosphere in the bedroom.

Colorful knitted vases

Kesi'Art Blog So that all the accessories in your room are in the same style, there are small DIY tips for covering certain objects with colored mesh. For example, these vases and flasks were surrounded by knitting in an irresistible Scandinavian style. Source: Kesi'Art Blog

The perfect kit for a good morning

Hübsch It's Sunday and sleeping in the morning is sacred! To make the most of it on winter days, curl up in a large woolen blanket, add a few cushions and a large bowl of coffee to start the day off right.

A plant pot like no other

Gédane et Bretzels Blog Do you have succulents or flowers in your bedroom? Warm them up by covering your plant pot with a pretty beige knit. This will bring out more your furniture and your plants for a room more natural than ever. Source: Gédane and Bretzels Blog

A cozy reading corner

Madam Stoltz If you have a reading corner in your bedroom, make it even more cozy with a Berber carpet, large mesh cushions and a knitted chair. The little decorative touches? The plant suspension and white threads and the vase covered with knitting.

A wool candle

Blog From accessory to essential The height of cocooning, this candle was surrounded by wool for an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. You can make this kind of adorable candle holder yourself with just a little knitting yarn. Source: Blog From accessory to essential

XXL cushion

Marika Giacinti To bring more comfort to a rattan armchair or to use it as an ottoman, an XXL knitted cushion is ideal in an adult room. If it is in a more sober shade, it will also allow you to play on contrasts with a cooler floor covering such as tiling or PVC flooring for example.

Knit a wall hanging

Kesi'Art Blog The wall hanging is one of the trendy accessories of the moment. Make your own with knitting yarn and lots of imagination! You just have to hang it above your headboard to warm up the space. Source: Kesi'Art Blog