30 decorative and inexpensive garden lights

30 decorative and inexpensive garden lights

Brighten up your garden, by installing pretty lights from the terrace to the lawn through the trees and walls. If you do not know which ones to adopt, we have selected our best decorative finds for lighting! There is something for everyone ... and all budgets!

White lantern

Lightonline Here in white version for a chic design touch. Exterior white light Xmas Living Glass STALLIS LED -Lightonline, 42 euros

Nomadic and powerful

Lightonline Ecological and economical, LED lighting is believed to illuminate your garden. We chose for example a nomadic model that moves according to your needs and your desires! * Nomad LED Outdoor Lamp Aubergine - BALAD lightonline 29.90 euros *

Country spirit

Lightonline Choose more "country" models for a chic vintage decor. Inspired by the storage pots of yesteryear, hanging solar lights will create a warm atmosphere conducive to relaxation with family or friends. * Exterior light Consol-Solar-Jar- H18cm-13672-368 lightonline, 29.90 euros *

Light garlands We love the garlands to hang in your garden. Open your eyes, you will inevitably find a support to hang them. Here a model with small LED lanterns. * String of white leds 6 lanterns 6m Blachere, 42.90 euros *

A multicolored solar garland Here a multicolored solar model and at a very low price! * Set of 3 Partytime decorative solar LED lamps, 19.90 euros *

A party atmosphere…

Delamaison To be wrapped on your pergola or in the trees, a garland immediately gives a festive air to your summer evenings! * 20 LED multi-color solar light chain, length 10m PARTY LIGHT Delamaison, 39.90 euros *

Konst Smide garland: 49.95 euros

Conrad To give a garden atmosphere to your garden every day of the summer or simply for a themed evening, bet on a bright and colorful garland. * Konst Smide garland: 49.95 euros *

Stars in your garden

Lightonline Do not hesitate to play the originality card by installing several light elements in different places in your garden. We love these big stars! * White Indoor-Outdoor Table Lamp Ø60cm - SHINING STAR lightonline, 89.90 euros *

A column of light

Lightonline We highlight our tallest trees and create volume by installing light columns in several places of our outdoor space. For a design side, we mix the shapes and colors of our light objects. * White Outdoor Light Column H60cm -Lightonline, 108 euros *

Bright furniture

Delamaison We also add light elements to our garden furniture. The Cubes are ideal since they will also serve as a coffee table! * Multicolor LED cordless cube in white polyethylene Cuby Delamaison, 139 euros *


Delamaison After the stars, we put on more design models in the form of a refined lamp for example. * Outdoor table lamp in white polyethylene Lola 59.90 Delamaison 59.90 euros *

An extra touch of color!

Delamaison Why not also opt for a colorful model for even more originality! Multicolor cordless outdoor LED table lamp in polyethylene Lola Delamaison, € 69.90.

Your plants in color

Castorama Besides the stars, you can also install your plants in large light pots… Some can even change color throughout the evening! * Cosmic outdoor pot changing colors d.35cm Castorama 49.95 euros *

Luminous ball

Delamaison We never tire of these ball lamps to put in our garden! * Buly Delamaison polyethylene cordless outdoor LED light ball, 129.90 euros *

Elegance Chic

Delamaison More refined and finer models of light balls will bring a touch of elegance and chic to your terrace. * Lot of 2 LED metal lanterns in globe shape, height 33cm Damsque Delamaison, 49.90 euros *

Mini garland maxi charm!

Use your pretty and discreet Christmas lights all year round by installing them on trellises behind your plants! And enjoy a romantic atmosphere during your long summer evenings. * Outdoor-light-Xmas-Living-Glass-NET-LED-white-12m-lightonline, 29.90 euros *

Festive dinners

Lightonline Above your outdoor dining table, hang colorful lanterns for summer dinners full of fun and conviviality! * Outdoor Hanging Lamp Green H27cm - LAMPION lightonline 192 euros *


30 euros Maxi It is July 14th before time in your garden with these colorful lanterns. We love them when they are numerous, so don't hesitate to scatter them here and there. Lanterns 30 euros Max: 30 euros four

Chic version

Delamaison Choose black metal pendant lights for a touch of chic and elegance! * 3-light waterfall pendant lamp in black metal wire, 31cm diameter, Tarbes, Delamaison 59.90 euros *

As in his living room

Lightonline Don't forget your flower beds! Perfect for illuminating the vegetation in your garden, plant lightbeds in your flower beds to create a cozy and magical atmosphere! * Outdoor Floor Lamp To Plant Ali Baba H185cm - FIACCOLA 288 lightonline *

Mark your paths

Delamaison Highlight the paths of your garden by planting them all along small solar lamps. Here in worked metal version. * Lot of 4 LED white light solar beacons to plant height 84cm Delamaison, 46.90 euros *

Illuminating solar lantern

Delamaison Originale this solar lantern that is planted in the grass, on the edge of the terrace or even near the driveway. One would almost want to slip a candle into it to transform it into a tealight holder. * Delamaison illuminating solar lantern: 32.90 euros *

In pop version

Delamaison In stainless steel version and multicolored lighting for a pop atmosphere! * Lot of 8 multicolored LED solar beacons to plant Lumens Delamaison, 19.90 euros *

Retro wall lamp

Delamaison Efficient and easily installed on the exterior walls of your house, illuminate your garden or terrace by installing electric sconces. Choose them in metal and openwork for a retro chic atmosphere. * Outdoor electric wall lamp Mozaic 22.9 Delamaison *

Copenhagen wall lamp

Leroy Merlin Lighting on the wall is also very important in a garden, so there is no question of neglecting it. Next to the front door or at the level of the terrace, you do not hesitate to fix one or two sconces with a sober look but with a very successful decor result. * Copenhagen ELSTEAD Leroy Merlin wall lamp: 42.90 euros *

In traditional version

Or a traditional version to reveal the charm of yesteryear in your home. * Lumens Robin LED electric wall lamp, Delamaison, 44.90 euros *

Nautica Boutica Design wall lamp: 35.87 euros

Boutica Design Authenticity is at the rendezvous with this wall lamp with a rusty appearance. We imagine it perfectly fixed on a stone or millstone wall for an authentic effect full of charm. * Nautica Boutica Design wall lamp, 35.87 euros *

Outdoor terminal

Castorama Do it big and give your garden lighting worthy of the biggest parks with one or more outdoor terminals. * Ross anthracite outdoor bollard - Castorama integrated LED 59.90 euros *

Period floor lamp

Leroy Merlin Paris and its lampposts… If like us, you are in love with their chic and delicate look, make the choice to install one in your garden. Next to the entrance gate or near the terrace, he will have no trouble finding his place. * Laterna Eglo Leroy Merlin floor lamp: 69 euros *