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Before / After: integrating toilets in a bathroom

Before / After: integrating toilets in a bathroom

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The architect Aurore Pannier has completely renovated the bathroom of this house located in Plaisir. The owners wanted to optimize the space while modernizing it. The idea? Transform the room into a bathroom with integrated WC while the toilet was in a separate room. The result ? A design and nature piece with two well-defined spaces and clever storage. We tell you step by step about this project. ** Area: ** 5m² including 1.15m² for the WC ** Budget: ** € 17,000 including tax for the renovation of the room

A two in one piece

Interior Paris ** After: ** The architect reunified the toilets in the existing bathroom by renovating the entire room. In terms of style, we opted for a mineral and soft atmosphere, with fairly natural tones such as white, linen, greige and beige. A shower, new toilets and a completely redesigned sink area have been installed.

Clever storage

Indoor Paris ** After: ** The toilets fixed on the floor have been replaced by wall-hung toilets signed Geberit with a cupboard which allows to store several beauty products, baby's belongings but also to camouflage the toilet paper to unclutter the 'space.

Convert small toilets

Indoor Paris ** Before: ** There was already some storage in the initial toilets but they were located very high, therefore not very accessible, and could not accommodate many elements. Furthermore, the space was not optimized.

Create a partition between the toilet and the shower area

Indoor Paris ** After: ** In the new bathroom, the hanging toilets save a considerable amount of space. To be separated from the bathroom space, the shower acts as a separation on one side of the toilet while a small white wall allows to delimit the other side to maintain a certain privacy and be able to use the room to several people.

A cluttered sink area

Interior Paris ** Before: ** The old bathroom was a bit dated. The shower directly overlooked the vanity unit, which was not practical for accessing the storage space. The room needed a facelift to be more ergonomic and more modern.

A very natural vanity unit

Interior Paris ** After: ** The new vanity unit has a double basin in solid wood as well as two countertop washbasins in stoneware and stainless steel fittings with Grohe branding. To bring more light to the room, the walls have been repainted in white, a false ceiling - also white - has been installed as well as a mirror and bath and decorative sconces.

Compartmentalize the drawers

Indoor Paris ** After: ** The vanity unit is not lacking in storage. It has two compartmentalized drawers to better separate beauty products, make-up, cleansing products or even cleaning products. The little extra? The decorative wall tiles that come from Paco Tiles.

Bring more light to the room

Interior Paris ** After: ** The tiled floor as well as the plaster and paint on the walls give a more modern and brighter look to the bathroom. The sockets are placed near the washbasin so that you can easily use a hair dryer, an electric razor or a straightener in front of the mirror fixed just above the cabinet.

Install a walk-in shower

Indoor Paris ** After: ** A fully tiled walk-in shower with polished pebbles on the floor was built not without difficulty. Indeed, the bathroom being located on the first floor of the house, it was necessary to have a made-to-measure shower screen made by a mirror maker to compensate for the sloping roof. An electric towel warmer from Acova has also been installed. For more information, visit the Paris inner website.