We dare black to the ground

We dare black to the ground

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Black soil can be scary at first, and yet it has many advantages. Indeed, it will be less messy than clear floor covering and will offer your interior a worked and undeniably chic look while visually enlarging the space. Whether it's tiling in the kitchen, vinyl or parquet flooring in the living room, concrete or even carpet in the bedroom, there is no shortage of options. Here is our selection of pieces whose black floor makes all the difference.

A contemporary dining room

Jean-Noël Leblanc-Bontemps In a room decorated with white furniture, a black floor covering is ideal to create an interesting contrast and give an elegant atmosphere to the room. Add a few patterned cushions to a bench or sofa and you're good to go.

A wood and black kitchen

Alinéa Black mixes perfectly with wood. The proof, this kitchen and its convivial dining area, is both natural and modern thanks to a black floor and light wood storage units. We love the bar stools with seats in different colors to spice up the decor.

Small but decorative toilets

Colora To decorate the walls of small toilets, opt for black tiles, easy to maintain. You can also put black paint only on half of the walls to further enlarge the space leaving the other half white. Consider adding stainless steel accessories (brush, trash can, etc.).

All-purpose vinyl floor

Leroy Merlin The advantage of vinyl is that it gives the impression of walking on fabric, and yet it can wash out. Economical, this Natural Rumba black model also has nice reflections with the sun which can give it a gray color at times. It is an ideal covering in a parental or children's room.

Scandinavian bathroom

Ikea In this small Scandinavian style bathroom, the wooden storage and the white tiles contrast with the matt black tiles on the floor which is perfect if you have underfloor heating. The latter is also in harmony with the vanity unit and certain accessories, which gives a deeper dimension to the room.

How about daring black parquet?

Saint Maclou It is well known, parquet can have a multitude of colors but generally remains in a wood color, whether it is solid wood or laminate. But, by opting for a deep black color, you will give a crazy charm to a living room, especially if you choose a glossy finish.

Place black concrete on the ground

Darty In the kitchen, concrete can prove to be a good alternative to tiles and tiling because it allows a smooth surface, which enlarges the room and gives it a more chic style. In this Etoile de Darty kitchen, elegance is essential with a minimalist central island and lacquered facades without handles and the matt black on the floor.

Opt for black carpet

Leroy Merlin Do you think the carpet is too messy? Choose a black model! In an office or bedroom, you will no longer be afraid of staining your flooring and you will find the pleasure of walking barefoot in your home!

Black on the floor in an open kitchen

Darty If you have a kitchen open to a living room, a black floor is a good solution not to change it between the two spaces. You can thus create continuity between the kitchen area and the living room, while remaining in the same contemporary style.