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Why opt for a mirrored credenza in the kitchen?

Why opt for a mirrored credenza in the kitchen?

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There are many styles of splashbacks in the kitchen. Among them, the mirror credenza is on the rise! And for good reason, it has many advantages especially in small kitchens since it enlarges the space and brings more light to the room while being very easy to maintain. Whether you choose a standard coating or a custom surface made by a mirror maker, here is everything you need to know before renovating the splashback of your kitchen.

Installation of the credenza

E-Miroiterie To install a mirrored credenza, you do not have to call in a professional if you bought a standard surface in a DIY store. On the other hand, if you had a plate made by a mirror maker or a specialized manufacturer, he will carry out the installation at home by gluing or fixing the splashback with ice tabs.

Pay attention to the location of your kitchen

Miroiterie Vitrerie Anatole France Depending on your apartment and the location of your kitchen, you will have to pay attention to the thickness of your future mirror splashback. Indeed, the latter can vary the depth of the worktop if the wall on which you want to install it is more or less straight.

Easy maintenance

Nella Cucina The mirror splashback can be very easily cleaned with a simple soft cloth, lukewarm soapy water or glass cleaning products, in order to remove lime or grease stains. In addition, this material protects your walls from humidity (and therefore mold) but also from heat which could degrade them over time.

Robust material

Whether you opt for a real mirror - very contemporary or in a vintage style - or a stainless steel mirror effect plate, your splashback will be resistant to shocks, stains and rust, which will allow your kitchen to last longer .

Choose a mirror effect splashback

Leroy Merlin If you don't want to install a real mirror in your stainless steel kitchen, you can opt for a stainless steel credenza with mirror effect. It will have the same aesthetic effect but will be lighter when laid, more hygienic and shiny.

Easily renovate your kitchen

Mirror Glass The mirror credenza can be placed on an existing credenza or directly on a blank wall. It can therefore cover an old wall covering such as tiling, a paint that looks a bit worn out or a damaged section of mu without you having to carry out major renovations.

The disadvantages of the mirror credenza

Home-Inox realization If the mirror credenza has many advantages, it still has some disadvantages. Like all glass, it is sensitive to scratches and lime. Regarding maintenance, it will need to be cleaned very regularly because the traces are quickly visible.

Mirror or glass credenza?

E-Miroiterie If you think the two are alike, think again! A glass credenza is not reflective. It is also heavier, less resistant and often a little more expensive. On the other hand, it is customizable with different patterns and colors.

A reasonable budget

Home-Inox realization Budget side, know that the mirror credenza is quite accessible. Depending on the quality of the material, its size, its thickness and its tailor-made creation (or not), the price will vary. On average, a mirror credenza is sold from 150 euros per square meter against 100 euros for a stainless steel mirror credenza.