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10 fall decorations to do with (or without) the kids!

10 fall decorations to do with (or without) the kids!

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Autumn is a magical season, where nature is revealed with infinite generosity. For children, each walk in a park or forest turns into a treasure hunt, from which they come back with their pockets full of chestnuts, acorns and pine cones. But what to do with these wonders once you get home? Here are 10 ideas for creating seasonal decorations, to do with your little ones ... or just for you!

Pine cones form garlands

The sweetest occasion From September to December, the pine cones warm the atmosphere with their simple presence. Beautiful natural or in a vase, they can easily be spray painted, or simply color the tips of the scales with a brush. After attaching small rings to the end of each cone, ask your little hands to thread them on a wire to create autumn garlands that will remain beautiful until Christmas! Source: The sweetest occasion

Candles in nutshells and acorn cups

DR On returning from a walk in the forest, the older ones will enjoy participating in a candle workshop. Nutshells, acorn cups and hollowed out pine cones can do the trick, as long as they are not split. Melt the wax in a double boiler, then pour it into these natural receptacles. When the wax begins to set, add a wick and wait for everything to dry. For an optimal effect, place your candle jars in a vase filled with water and turn on after dark ...

Autumn snails with chestnuts

Sonia Buchard With the little ones, take advantage of Sunday afternoon to organize a snail race… in brown! With plasticine or salt dough (1 glass of salt, 2 glasses of flour, a little water), make small sausages, then simply place the chestnut in the center to transform this slug into a snail! Kids love it!

Leprechauns in pine cones

Clover Lane To create adorable little fall elves, arm yourself with pine cones, wooden balls, black and red markers and a little bit of felt ... Draw the eyes and mouth on the ball, then stick it on the top of the cone. Add a hat, hands, feet, scarves or even felt wings, and voila! These little sprites are also perfect for decorating the tree… Source: Clover Lane

An array of dead leaves

Fotolia When the dead leaves are gathered with a shovel, keep the most beautiful aside and have fun creating landscapes, animals or even portraits… To make a hedgehog, choose a leaf to make the body and the muzzle, then have small leaves all around to make the quills ... To immortalize your work, let the leaves dry in a book, then put everything in a frame under glass.

A garland of colored chestnuts

The fairy Lili and her daughters Sophie from the blog The fairy Lili and her daughters explains how to create a very pretty garland of chestnuts. Find his DIY brown garland tutorial here.

Leaves to hang from the window

Martha Stewart In autumn the dead leaves take on shimmering hues which are the most beautiful effect in the house. On a walk, we harvest around ten leaves in perfect condition, playing with mixing colors or opting for monochrome, then we simply hang them upside down with a wire. Perfect for creating wall compositions, ephemeral mobiles, or for hanging in front of the window (for the lazy, it also works with a masking tape on the glass!). Source: Martha Stewart

Pads with dead leaves

Miss Kati O. If your tree leaves are too damaged to make compositions, suggest that the children make stamps! An inkpad, your sheets and go! You can also use your sheets to make stencils. Take a large sheet of white paper and attach them with a little sticky paste (Patafix type). Have the children paint the entire surface with water-based paint, then wait a few hours for everything to dry. Then peel off the sheets and admire their shapes left in reserve on the paper! Source: Miss Kati O.

A funny bestiary with chestnuts

Krokotak Essential in autumn, chestnuts are easily dug with a punch. Once this delicate operation has been carried out by an adult, children can put matches in the holes and assemble the chestnuts to make all kinds of snowmen and animals: a giraffe, a caterpillar, a dog ... To draw the details, we use white and black paint, and don't hesitate to add felt accessories or movable plastic eyes! Finally, an adult can add a little glue to the bottom of the holes so that the animal will resist at least until the end of autumn…