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Industrial style decor in the bathroom

Industrial style decor in the bathroom

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If you are a fan of the industrial style, you probably want to bring it into your bathroom. Well, be aware that this is entirely possible thanks to a few decorative tips. Here are some tips for creating an industrial style in your bathroom.

Raw materials

Leroy Merlin ### Opt for a recuperated atmosphere even in the bathroom. Arrange an old metal chair for your clothes, opt for a sink that looks like a washhouse and bet on concrete on the floor.

Clean furniture

Ikéa ### Imagine the bathroom as a whole other room! Break the codes by placing the bathtub in the center of the room in the light of large opaque windows. Create a partition and install a very clean sink. The bathroom thus becomes a sort of extension of the living room.

Concrete in the bathroom

Decorative House ### Note that in the bathroom, you can create almost everything in concrete: from the shower to your sink, via storage shelves. The whole will give a very raw appearance!

An industrial color code

Kazed ### Again, bet on a shades of gray that will recall concrete and metal. To bring in light, think of glass brick walls, windows with opaque panes or even skylights.