Cinna collection gives elegance to the home

Cinna collection gives elegance to the home

With the motto of being different, Cinna plays the creativity card and wants to anticipate future lifestyles rather than following the rules. This gives sassy and original furniture that shakes up the forms while retaining an elegance that skillfully mixes classic spirit and design.

A modern retro chair

Cinna Inspired by the lines of the 60s, this chair finds its place in contemporary decor thanks to a combination of solid walnut and open-pore lacquer. We appreciate it for its timeless side.

A sofa with original lines

Cinna Between the bench and the family sofa, this model offers chic and sassy lines that combine both flawless design and a notion of comfort thanks to the soft cushions that make up the backrest.

An armchair halfway between contemporary and classic

Cinna Designed to reflect England, this armchair can either take on a very contemporary or very classic look depending on the fabric chosen and its base. What seduce all sensitivities.

An indoor / outdoor table

Cinna A true chameleon, this table adapts both indoors and outdoors thanks to a ceramic top and an aluminum base. In addition to its great practicality, the table offers a sleek ultra contemporary design.

The library reinvented

Cinna This lightly designed library plays the card of tradition and modernity with on one side its walnut shell and on the other a steel base which allows to revisit the traditional libraries by reducing them.

An extremely clean office

Cinna With very pure lines, this desk could resemble a simple console but the creator completes the tray by adding a drawer which slides under the tray in an original way, as if suspended.

A design and practical coffee table

Cinna This coffee table impresses with its simple and essential design, with a ceramic top and an aluminum base. Ultra design, it also knows how to be very practical by installing both indoors and outdoors thanks to good weather resistance.

A revisited lamp

Cinna Usually, lamps have a different material for the lampshade and the base. Here, it is the clear, mouth-blown clear glass that can be installed on both the base and the lampshade for a very pure creation.

The ready made curtain

Cinna The Bouroullec brothers imagined a curtain box composed of a curtain panel, a suspension mechanism with tensor, a polyester cord and a set of clip-on clips to create your own curtains in a tailor-made way .